1 October 2015 | BattleLore

The Invasion Begins

The Undead Army Packs for BattleLore Are Now Available

2 September 2015 | BattleLore

Alive vs. Undead

Combating the Undead Faction in BattleLore

31 August 2015 | BattleLore

Experience the Wrath of the Undead

Try Out the New BattleLore Faction Before Its Release

21 August 2015 | BattleLore

Unhallowed Ground

Preview the Scenarios of the Undead Faction in BattleLore

14 August 2015 | BattleLore

Heralds of Doom

Preview the Undead Forces of Heralds of Dreadfall

24 June 2015 | BattleLore

Bring the Battle to Your Game Store

Announcing a BattleLore Promo Kit for Retailers

8 June 2015 | BattleLore

The Undead Are Coming

Announcing a New Faction for BattleLore Second Edition

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