9 June 2015 | Forbidden Stars

Stomp the Universe

Preview the Orks Faction and Rules of Forbidden Stars!


“Evil Sunz like two fings most: Goin’ fast and krumpin' stuff. Dat's why we'z so good at it.”
   –Codex: Orks

To quote the Eldar philosopher Uthan the Perverse, “The Orks are the pinnacle of creation.” They don’t aim to fulfill a great destiny, and they don’t dwell upon their failings. They like fighting, big weapons, and fast vehicles. As long as there is a war to fight and a planet to loot, Orks are happy. Since the Herakon Cluster offers the Orks all these things, it is no wonder that they are fighting for control of the sector in Forbidden Stars

In today’s preview of Forbidden Stars, you’ll discover the war-hungry Boyz, armoured Battlewagons, and storming Gargants of the Evil Sunz Orks. You’ll learn about the swarming Green Tide, their unpredictable tactics, and why the Waaagh! is known throughout the galaxy as an unstoppable force of mayhem and destruction.  

Brutal but Kunnin’

The Evil Sunz Orks can field a brutal land army able to overwhelm and wreck even the biggest and strongest enemy units. In addition to masses of stomping Ork Boyz and the crafty Nobz who lead them, the speed-addicted Evil Sunz love to ride rumbling Battlewagons into the fight, with the gunz blasting and wheel trakks churning up battlefield gore. More durable than the Space Marines’ Land Raiders or the Falcons of the Eldar, Battlewagons can be decisive in a planetary battle and withstand all but the most lethal Orbital Strikes. But the biggest, deadliest Ork engines of destruction are Gargants, built by Mekboyz in honour of the mighty Ork gods, Gork and Mork. Gargants are haphazard, noisy, virtually indestructible, and laden with brutal weaponry like choppas, rokkit launchas, and power claws. Beyond their armour and firepower, Gargants also bring to the field some cunning tactics. The Smasher Gargant combat card, for example, forces your opponent to either lose a unit of your choice or lose dice equal to that unit’s command level. 

Orks like fighting on the ground best, but they don’t fear the Warp, and travel through it in starships that are as brutal and terrifying as any trukks or tanks. Onslaught Attack Ships can safely carry Orks through the void to battle and attack other ships head-on, with an array of forward-facing guns and tremendously thick prow armour. Kill Kroozers are the most invincible ships of any in Forbidden Stars. These hulking, pernicious vessels boast lots of gunz, heavy gunz, and torpedo launchas for Orbital Strikes and savage battles in the void. 

Kunnin’ but Brutal

To other races, Orks may seem illogical. But in fact, Orks’ are devastating in battle precisely because they act fearlessly without pondering things too much. They constantly defeat enemies’ expectations, making sudden and cunning assaults that no other faction would dream of. In Forbidden Stars, the Orks’ unpredictability means that you can often make an opponent reroll dice. The Evil Sunz’ Biker Nobz ride into battle so fast that the opponent must reroll all (b) as they drop their weapons in terror. Psychically attuned Weirdboyz spew searing ectoplasmic energy, shocking both the enemy and the Orks present so that you and your opponent reroll all your dice. Any Ork Boyz fighting alongside the Weirdboyz gain access to the enemy’s psychic energy and can use it to match every  or  token their foes bring to battle.

The Waaagh! can occur at any time or place, and the Evil Sunz in particular are always on the move, looking for more slaughter. The Mob Up! event card enables you to resolve an Advance Order and attack in any system where you have at least two units, regardless of the orders you originally gave. With Lootin' n' Stealin' , you can suddenly gain the materiel you need to add more units to your army while forcing an opponent to lose an asset, frustrating their long-term deployment plans.

Moar Boyz

Beyond their brutality and unpredictability, Orks simply outnumber other factions. In combat Orks are never without reinforcements. You begin the game with a reinforcement token, and the Moar Boyz! event card offers two more reinforcement tokens to keep on hand for the next savage battle. A Party Wagon brings more reinforcements into battle, and if they’re riding in on a Battlewagon or Kill Kroozer, you can gain two  and   through your superior numbers. 

Ork spores also allow the species to reproduce quickly and spawn huge groups of young. Therefore, when you resolve a Dominate Order, you can purchase a new unit and swell the Green Tide without needing to issue the Deploy Order like other factions. Similarly, the Werk Fasta! order upgrade lets you purchase structures before units, so that you can erect a factory and immediately use it to fill a system with fast vehicles and armoured ships. While your enemies are still busy expanding their armies, you can send hordes of Ork Boyz and Nobz speeding into their territory and wreaking havoc with everything they find. 

‘Ere We Go. WAAAGH!

“We is gonna stomp da universe flat and kill anyfink that fights back. We're da Orks, and was made ta fight and win.”
   –Codex: Orks

Imperial scholars have likened an Ork invasion to an incurable disease. It may begin with a lone unit of Ork Boyz on a single planet, but it quickly expands to fill several systems with gleefully rampaging Orks. Soon nothing can stand in the way of the Green Tide, and no one can guess where it will go or what the Orks will do next. Fight with the Evil Sunz, and you’ll outsmart, outlast, and outnumber your foes while your troops delight in goin’ fast, krumpin’ stuff, and winnin’ the fight.

The Waaagh! is on the way to the Herakon Cluster. Download the rules from the support section of the Forbidden Stars minisite and pre-order your copy today! 

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