8 August 2016 | Android Fiction

Enjoy the Broadcast

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It wasn’t that Lana Rael did not know she was always being watched. Even when she could not see the machinelike eyes that nested insidiously inside almost everything she touched, she could feel them watching, and it made the hair stand up on her arms like a chill…

Prepare yourself for the sort of media circus that only the world's largest media megacorp can deliver… The hardcover limited edition of Monitor is now available for early purchase through our webstore!

What does NBN do with the data it collects? How does a person avoid the many camera lenses and other "eyes" scattered about a city like New Angeles? In Monitor, author Leigh Alexander explores these and other questions about culture and technology in the not-too-distant future of the Android universe.

These are topics she has frequently addressed in her work for The Guardian, The Atlantic, Vice, and other journals. In fact, Monitor is in many ways an off-shoot of her interests in the intersections of culture and technology, paired with her love for NBN, the brightly clad Jackson Howard, and the Android universe.

Monitor follows the lives—all too closely—of Lana Rael and two other young, wannabe activists from the moment that they first recover an NBN executive's PAD at a protest, through the pressures thrust upon them as the megacorp learns about their involvement and then follows, records, and broadcasts their every move.

How will these wannabe activists respond? What sacrifices are they willing to make in pursuit of the truth? These are the questions presented to us in the novella that Terminal 7 podcaster Jesse Turner says is full of "great characters and a frightening future that seems barely a brick's throw away from our own."

__Why Go Analog?

While the novella will eventually be made available for digital download, the limited edition hardcover version now available through our webstore also grants you access to fifteen pages of illustrated backstory and setting details—also written by Leigh Alexander.

"Leigh perfectly captures the intersection of surveillance, social media and entertainment that is the dark heart of NBN."
     –Nels Anderson, Terminal 7

These offer valuable, exclusive insights into the Android universe that can enhance your appreciation of the novella, as well as the whole of the Android universe and the games set within it. Who is Jackson Howard, and what does he want? What do we know about the disaffected dreamers and dissidents of New Angeles? Where does individual creativity factor into a world driven by endless data? And what happens when the world's greatest marketing agency approaches omniscience?

This fifteen-page insert features vibrant, full-color art and five riveting info-sections:

  • Dreamers and Dissidents
  • Content, Consumers, and Credits
  • The Megabuy Family
  • Global Adaptive Entertainment Netcasting Solutions
  • Edutainment and Child Programming

This information is only available in the early release, limited-edition hardcover version of Monitor, which is currently only available through our webstore and won't be available in retail stores until September 8th. Don't miss out on the greatest reveal in the history of NBN. Head to our webstore, and order your copy today!

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