2 February 2016 | X-Wing

Order Spring 2016 Tournament Kits

Announcing New Tournament Kits for X-Wing


Shape your retail store into a base of operations and connect with your community’s most daring X-Wing™ pilots!

As the popular X-Wing miniatures game continues to expand across the galaxy, more players are joining the fray. Now, you too can get in on the action with the Spring 2016 X-Wing Tournament Kit.

With its high-quality acrylic tokens, hefty challenge coin, alternate art cards, and a promotional poster inspired by the new film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens™, Spring 2016 X-Wing Tournament Kits are designed to help you host a compelling tournament or other event.

What Will I Find in a Spring 2016 Tournament Kit?

X-Wing challenges players to outmaneuver and outthink their opponent, and a Spring 2016 X-Wing Tournament Kit comes with prizes and materials intended to keep your players’ tournament experiences fresh and exciting.

  • One solid metal challenge coin. Show off your love for Star Wars™ during each match with this official challenge coin depicting the iconic X-Wing!
  • Eight sets of acrylic ion tokens. Point out the ships that have had the misfortune taking an ion blast with these flashy acrylic tokens.
  • Two copies of an alternate art IG-88C pilot card. Take evasive action with new art for one of the most popular iterations of the famed bounty hunter, IG-88.
  • Seventeen copies of an alternate art Veteran Instincts upgrade card. This popular card receives new art, allowing Rebel players to upgrade their squads.
  • A promotional poster depicting a First Order TIE Fighter departing a successful battle.
  • One informational pamphlet on running an X-Wing tournament or league.

How Do I Use a Tournament Kit?

Our Spring 2016 X-Wing Tournament Kits are designed to support in-store X-Wing events run between April and July in a variety of ways.

We recommend using a kit’s contents at a tournament, a demo day, or a casual game night. However you use a kit, you will find guidance within its informational pamphlet, which offers tips and ideas about how to run a great event.

Capture the Growing X-Wing Community

Don’t miss out on your chance to make your store the most popular pilot’s lounge for the growing X-Wing community. Order your 2016 Spring X-Wing Tournament Kits today!

If your store is in the U.S., you can place your order now through your distributor or your sales rep. If you are an international retailer, you should contact your distributor.

Note: The alternate art cards in this kit are produced via FFG's In-House Manufacturing and may appear slightly different in color and texture from the game's other cards.

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