Defending Deephall

Guardians of Deephall Is Now Available for Descent Second Edition


“None fall faster than they that flee.”    –Lord Hawthorne

The city of Deephall lies defenseless before the dark forces of the overlord. Only you and your fellow heroes stand between the city and the oncoming tide of evil, but can you truly hope to defeat the forces arrayed against you? Find out with the Guardians of Deephall Hero and Monster Collection for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition, now available at your local retailer and online through our webstore!

Like other Hero and Monster Collections, Guardians of Deephall includes thirteen detailed plastic figures previously only available through the first edition of Descent. Now you can fight to hold the walls of Deephall with Sahla, Silhouette, Lord Hawthorne, and Mordrog, or command hordes of dark priests, wendigos, and crypt dragons as the overlord. In addition, Guardians of Deephall offers two brand-new quests, challenging you to defend Deephall and uncover the artifact that is the source of its troubles. Whether you fight for Deephall’s salvation or its destruction, you’ll find the heroes, monsters, and quests you need in this Hero and Monster Collection!

A Savage Fighter

One of the most unlikely heroes to come to the defense of Deephall is Mordrog, the orc. Mordrog has long fought to defend Terrinoth, but no matter how many monsters he slays, he remains unable to teach humans the true superiority of orcish nature. From his hunts in the Mountains of Despair to battles before Nerekhall’s gates, his accomplishments are ignored in favor of inferior human heroes. Such prejudice does not trouble Mordrog, however. He simply pities the humans for their weakness and lack of warrior spirit. Now he sees the defense of Deephall as one more opportunity to prove the prowess of an orc.

During your quests, the overlord may do well to avoid enraging Mordrog. Mordrog’s hero ability allows him to recover one fatigue every time he suffers one or more damage. With no limit on the amount of times this ability can be triggered, Mordrog can easily recover enough fatigue to trigger his Class cards on multiple consecutive turns. Of course, Mordrog has to take damage to trigger his hero ability, but with fourteen health, he can absorb even the most punishing attacks and respond with lethal force.

When Mordrog picks his target, he pursues it with dogged tenacity and unrelenting force. After he performs an attack that does not defeat its target, he may trigger his heroic feat to perform an additional attack against the same target. What’s more, the second attack receives a bonus surge, enhancing the power of Mordrog’s chosen weapon. With this heroic feat, you can quickly finish off any monster that survives your initial onslaught.

Protect the City

The fate of the city of Deephall lies in your hands. Can you defend the city and recover the pendant that causes its woes, or will the overlord triumph and bring darkness sweeping over the realm? The choice is yours in the Guardians of Deephall Hero and Monster Collection.

Pick up your copy of Guardians of Deephall at your local retailer today!

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