7 July 2014

Right on Target

Dungeon Fighter Is Back in Stock


Take aim at mythical monsters in Dungeon Fighter!

In this collaborative board game, up to six players take on the role of unproven heroes, fighting their way through a perilous dungeon. You’ll need bravery and dexterity to make it out alive.

The Dungeon Is Dark and Full of Monsters

In every one of the dungeon’s gloomy chambers lurks a sinister and quirky monster, such as the Educated Orc, who threatens to clobber you with both his club and his intellect, or the Vocal Vampire, who would bite you if she could stop singing. You must attack and defeat every monster you encounter in order to move forward. The closer you get to daylight, the more ferocious the monsters become.

As in many other games, you attack a monster by throwing dice. But Dungeon Fighter is dexterity-based: an attack’s success is determined by how a single die is thrown and where it lands. Each ring on the target-shaped game board gives you a different number of hit points, with holes in the target adding to the challenge. In the beginning of the game, you might need a few tries to land a die on the target. Your persistence will be rewarded: soon you’ll be rejoicing as you score a hit with almost every throw. At that point you’ll be eager to try scoring a hit with your eyes closed, or bouncing the die onto the board off of the back of a playing card. After all, the harder the battle, the sweeter the triumph.

Even seemingly harmless monsters like the Cute Bear and the Annoying Drunkard may take more than one throw of the die to overcome. Then, once you’ve defeated a monster, you will have to choose which path to follow next. Do you pass through the room where players have to turn their backs to the table when they throw the die, or the room where the die must be spun instead of thrown? No matter which way you turn, unknown dangers await.

Second Room to the Right and Straight on till Shopping

Fortunately, there is a handy equipment shop located in each level of the dungeon. As you defeat monsters, you will acquire gold from them that you can use in these shops to buy weapons, shields, and potions. The king may have locked the heroes up in a dark subterranean dungeon, but not without providing them the chance to buy equipment for defending themselves and restoring their health.

Potions, such as the Eau de Napalm, can only be used once, so heroes should strategically save them for a critical moment. Shields and armor can be used repeatedly to protect their wearer from taking damage in battle. Weapons increase the amount of damage done in an attack, but they also require complicated dice throws. A sword is only as good its bearer, and the swords in Dungeon Fighter can only be used by bearers who are able to land the die on the target while jumping into the air or kneeling beneath the table.

You Shall Not Pass – Without Laughing!

While moving through the dungeon’s third level, you may find yourself grinning at the fact that the Minotaur is disoriented and consulting a map. The Exterminator that you purchased in the shop looks suspiciously like a fly-swatter, and for some reason the shop sells mostly worn-out Second-Hand Shields. As you’re figuring out how to throw dice from underneath your leg, you may pause to wonder why Sir Moo is inhaling milk, or how exactly Lady Mary became so good at winning monsters’ hearts. Dungeon Fighter’s humorous touches will make you smile as the game challenges your dexterity, your bravery, and your luck.

Whether navigating the dungeon solo, or with a group of your most valiant friends, you will be entertained by Dungeon Fighter. Look for it at your local games retailer today, or order your copy through our online store!

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