2 February 2012 | Warhammer: Invasion LCG

The Accursed Dead

Announcing the third Warhammer: Invasion Battle Pack in The Bloodquest Cycle


“However many ye send to stoppe me, foolysh priest, I shalle send upon ye the same tally of corpses and more. I warn ye now, ye may find them ille upon the eye, and yet they will be most familiar to ye.”     –Excerpt from a parchment signed in blood by Valdrek the Crimson

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of The Accursed Dead, the third bone-chilling Battle Pack in The Bloodquest Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game!

In The Accursed Dead, the Undead and the forces of Destruction gain unprecedented necromantic prowess. Even the forces of Order gain new control over players’ discard piles and the fallen units therein. Additionally, three of the Old World’s races set off on bold new quests to disrupt their opponent’s plans, the Dark Elves conduct bold raids, the Orcs gain early card draw, and an adventurous legend lends his strength to the Empire’s cause.

The dread horrors of Sylvania

The lands of Sylvania are nearly uninhabitable, ruled by blood-thirsty Vampires Counts and forsaken by the gods. It is here that one might find Drakehhof Castle (The Accursed Dead, 56)… were one so inclined to search for it. Hidden deep within Sylvania’s lonesome moorlands, haunted forests, and craggy hills, Drakenhof Castle is home to a particularly resilient host of undead.

The forces of Destruction count a number of powerful undead among their ranks, including the ferocious Blood Dragon Knight (Legends, 53) and the unpredictable Swarm of Bats (Legends, 52), both of which are better suited to attack your opponent’s capital than to linger about your kingdom zone or undertake laborious quests. As they attack, the Dark Magic woven at Drakenhof Castle can ensure they emerge from their battles, able to attack again another day.

Whether you use its ability to prevent damage to your units or just manipulate your opponent’s discard pile, Drakenhof Castle is just one of the cards from The Accursed Dead that offers you significant new control over players’ discard piles.

The dead will walk

Undertake clever new quests, equip your legends and Heroes with a game-changing new Artefact, and find new ways to move cards out of your discard pile with The Accursed Dead.

The dead will walk when this Battle Pack releases in the second quarter of 2012!

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