6 June 2011

The Scarab's Call

A preview of the upcoming The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus

Delroy kneels in the ancient sand and shoves his hands deep below the surface, feeling for invaluable treasures. A beautiful golden scarab holding a delicate ruby is his reward. Confident in his luck, the eager explorer pockets it and searches again, finding a small engraved chest. Although it is locked, Delroy smiles, he is sure once he discovers how to open it a precious relic will be his. Delroy reaches into the sand again, and grabs...a scorpion.

A cursed pyramid is by its very description dangerous, but its horde of riches can cause even the most savvy intruder to forget the hazards within. The upcoming The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus promises a dangerous competition for priceless relics when it is released in the third quarter of 2011!

Last time we searched the ancient pyramid’s equipment-filled antechamber. Today, we will explore deeper into the pyramid and learn the secrets of the sacred sandy basin in the center of pharaoh’s tomb, as well as review the large and muscled Adventurer, Delroy Chartier.

The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus is a standalone board game in which 2-6 Adventurers encounter mortal dangers in their quest to escape the pyramid with the richest booty. Whichever Adventurer leaves alive with the most valuable archaeological relics is the winner.

Worshipping the scorpion goddess


The ancient priests who prepared Pharaoh Sanakht, his beloved wife, Initkaes, and his architect, Imhotep, for their eternal home were worshippers of the scorpion goddess Hededet. To praise and worship her they used the long strip of sand surrounding the pyramid’s central pond as their sanctuary.

While the scorpion goddess protects her followers from the sting of her favored arachnid, you and your fellow Adventurers are seen as unrighteous trespassers on her sacred sands. Beware the namesakes of The Scorpion Pit, as they are eager to sting you.

However, this pile of sand hides more than dangerous red scorpions, it also is home to precious gold and ruby encrusted scarabs, and chests of unknown wealth. Is the promise of these sandy treasures worth the risk? The sting of a scorpion can prove fatal...if left untreated.

Remember, a stung Adventurer’s Wound and Load Level (WLL) is affected unless he has the necessary equipment to heal himself. The more wounds an Adventurer has, the less treasure he can carry and actions he can do.

The Professional Warrior

Delroy Chartier is no stranger to sand-swept lands, hailing from the sandy beaches of the Caribbean. Once a renowned mercenary, Delroy turned to the archaeological hunt to satisfy his love of risk and adventure, all while lining his own pockets!

His past days of soldier work still serve him well as Delroy is a mountain of muscle, capable of carrying immense treasure loads. In fact, Delroy’s special ability is Stamina. Once per game, Delroy is able to reduce his WLL by one for the rest of the current turn.

Delroy’s ability can be used in The Scorpion Pit or further on in the pyramid should he find a cache of treasure. By reducing his WLL for his current turn Delroy is able to increase his number of actions, as long as it does not surpass the maximum number of actions allowed. In this way Delroy can search Hededet’s sands for more valuable scarabs...hopefully he doesn’t find an angry scorpion instead.

Continue to decipher the hieroglyphics to discover more previews in the coming weeks, and flex your muscles for when The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus is released in the third quarter of 2011!

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