5 May 2011

The Mummy's Touch

Announcing The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus, a board game of peril and riches

Hidden for centuries below the shifting Egyptian sands, the Pyramid of Horus sat undisturbed, until a research expedition on the limestone plateau of Abu Rawash uncovered it. Filled with treasures as rich as the Nile delta it borders, the pyramid is a beacon, summoning a group of exceptional Adventurers eager to put their hands on the priceless archaeological relics contained within. But with a myriad of hazards lying in wait, once you enter the pyramid you might never come out.

Fantasy Flight Games is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus, a standalone board game of danger and exploration! Play as one of eight different Adventurers on a mission to seize valuable antiquities from a pyramid. Search ancient chambers and corridors, avoid life-threatening obstacles, and make it out with the most valuable treasure to win.

Cursed companions

The great pharaoh Sanakht, who ruled in the third dynasty, dedicated his final resting place to Horus, the sky-god of the pharaohs. Unfortunately, as the hieroglyphic inscriptions indicate, Sanakht does not rest. Nor does his beloved wife, Initkaes, or his architect, Imhotep, who accompany him.

Wandering mummies are just one of your worries; in order to acquire the most valuable treasures you must pass through a nest of cobras, a scorpion-infested sand pit, and a pond that’s home to ravenous crocodiles.

Searching for ancient relics is always a double-edged sword; sticking your hands where they don’t belong can wound you and slow you down. Luckily, the pyramid also holds abandoned equipment that can heal or aid you. But be warned, nothing cures the mummy’s touch!

Adventurers may also use their special ability once during the game, which can either give them a unique advantage over the rest of the group or save them from impending harm. But when should you use your ability?

It would be wise not to linger within the pyramid, as one of its patron gods is angry at your intrusion. Stone Blocks fall during every turn, threatening to trap the unlucky or slow Adventurer for eternity.

As an experienced Adventurer, danger’s second nature to you, but are you willing to risk having this expedition be your last? Head over to The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus website for more information. Stay alert, previews are imminent in the coming weeks, and treasure awaits you in the third quarter of 2011!

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