A Forceful Presence

A spotlight on Galactic Force, a Chicago-area retailer

Last week we debuted our first article in the new Retailer Spotlight series. Today, we’re excited to continue with Marc Heller and his store Galactic Force.

Galactic Force is a game store that puts community first, with their emphasis on game experiences and casual play. Now, let’s hear from Marc himself!

Galactic Force

Address: 1121 W. Belmont Chicago, IL 60657 Telephone: (773) 327-1369 Website: http://www.galacticforcetoys.com Email: [email protected]

Store Hours:

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tueday - Saturday: 12pm - 8pm (or when events conclude)
  • Sunday: 12pm - 6pm

Galactic Force has been in the Chicagoland area for nearly four years. I founded it, and have been a lifelong casual gamer who has played numerous roleplaying and board games since the late 70s and early 80s. While the Chicagoland area has a lot of great game stores, due to its large gaming community, I felt there was a need for a new kind of dedicated game store. Centrally located in Chicago, Galactic Force is a place where people can go to simply have fun and enjoy their games.

Many of the individuals who make up the local gaming community in Chicagoland work 9-5 jobs, or attend high school or college, leaving them with little free time. Galactic Force is a store where this community can go and casually play a game. They don’t need to be interested in trophies or cash prizes, they just have to want to play games.

A new approach

Our primary interest is to provide an assortment of products to gamers in Chicago and offer gamers a casual play space. This is not to say that we don’t host tournaments or occasionally more competitive events.

What we do differently, however, is offer store credit prizes only. In the past we have found that when we’ve run more competitive events, such as a competitive Magic: The Gathering event, it actually splinters our gaming community, and ends up not providing our customers with enough benefits.

Instead, by offering store credit prizes, we’ve offered our customers a way to discover new games or continue to support the ones they love. Customers are also able to frequent the store and, for example, consign cards and receive store credit. They can combine this with the credit prizes and take home something new and exciting for them.

We also give out prizes that are specific to an event. For example, we find that an uncut sheet of cards or promo cards are more exciting for customers than cash, and it completely changes the atmosphere of the event when you appropriately prize it out.

Our future schedule

We are excited to announce that Tuesdays will become our dedicated Fantasy Flight Game Day, where we will offer people a chance to demo our Fantasy Flight Games, or other games in general. In addition, we just finished our first six week chapter campaign for Dark Heresy, and will be running another one soon, beginning on Tuesdays as well.

Galactic Force also has weekly events for Magic: The Gathering, Warcraft, and Yu-Gi-Oh, in addition to offering play space for tabletop miniatures every day.

In the past we’ve had a lot of success with events that feature Fantasy Flight Games. With our Hand of the King tournament we were able to recruit three new players who had not played A Game of Thrones: The Card Game before. That was very exciting for us.

In the future, we are running the LCG Regionals and Dust Tactics Regionals because we know they have a great following and are a tremendous opportunity to introduce the products to people who may have not otherwise known about them or haven’t had the opportunity to play. With our upcoming regional events we are hoping to not only welcome current players of the games, but also draw in people who have not yet had an opportunity to play yet.

A Media Center

Our Fantasy Flight Media Center allows us to provide our customers with a more interactive experience. Rather than listening to us describe a game, they can view the Media Center for a detailed explanation that typically addresses all of their questions.

Combining it with our demo copies of games and the Galactic Force staff’s first hand knowledge makes it a very useful tool. Often, if a Fantasy Flight game is featured on the Media Center and someone is looking for a game in a specific genre but doesn’t have an actual game in mind, the Media Center helps make their choice.

Thanks, Marc! Make sure to keep watch for our next Retailer Spotlight article.

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