3 March 2009

Union Activates New Agent

Ramirez joins the fight!

While a corporal in the Ranger Marauders, Sergio Ramirez Delastillas - aka "Cristeros" - did the impossible at Guadalcanal during the assault on Alligator Creek. Although his battalion had been all but decimated by automated defense turrets, Ramirez ignored a general retreat order despite having sustained massive chest wounds.

Acting on his own initiative and under devastating enemy fire, Ramirez defused the mobile mines defending the enemy's primary bunker, sabotaged the secondary hatchway to the controlling blockhouse, and placed a 10-kilo charge on the electronic brain within. The resulting chain of explosions tore a hole in the enemy defenses and allowed Colonel Merrill's 75th Infantry to make spectacular progress.

Ramirez was awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star for this heroic exploit, making him one of only a handful of Union soldiers ever to receive these two combat decorations simultaneously.

At the invitation of John MacNeal, Ramirez joined the 42nd Marine Special Forces in 1945 as a chief instructor and explosives disposal expert. A specialist in antipersonnel armaments, he has been an ongoing part of the evaluation of prototypes created by Professor Himmelberg in Area 51. A rumor persists that Delastillas illegally smuggled several such prototypes out of Nevada for "field testing."

As each faction is stepping up recruitment, the union has activated a new agent. Ramirez enters the fray bringing his devastating explosives with him. He is accompanied by the robotic explosive "Hound DOG," a device which he directs about the battlefield by means of a remote control. "Hound DOG" will actively move every turn, and is a great way to force those hidden opponents, say those that shoot around corners, out into the open. Backing up the explosive robot, Ramirez also carries the Mark 19 mod A1, a rotary grenade launcher.

Included with Ramirez is the token of the month, NOS. This upgrade allows "Hound DOG" to move even faster about the battlefield. Also contained inside is the scenario "Can't Touch This," in which Ramirez must recover vital technology from Area 51, deep in Matriarchy territory.

Ramirez will be deploying late next week, so look for him to hit the battlefront shortly thereafter.

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