Details and Prizes

Galactic Qualifiers are epic, high-energy events for Star Wars™: Destiny.

These gatherings are typically held at conventions or similar venues, and they’re designed to welcome players of all skill levels with casual play, top-level competitions, and fantastic prizes!

Each Galactic Qualifier features a Prize Station loaded with exclusive, custom Destiny prizes—all of which can be yours if you earn the Prize Credits to claim them.

You receive Prize Credits for competing in events. Each of your victories earns you even more Prize Credits, and a perfect performance in a “Galactic Qualifier” tournament secures an invitation to the World Championship!

Read on to discover the stunning prizes, and how you can earn the credits you will need to claim them!

Event and Prize Structure

Galactic Qualifier

Each venue hosting a Galactic Qualifier will offer one or more “Galactic Qualifier" tournaments. To compete, all you need to do is register with a legal deck for the event, including a completed deck list. Every competitor will receive an exclusive promo card, and can obtain an exclusive game mat while supplies last!

(Contact the event organizer for details on how to obtain the exclusive game mat.)

A Galactic Qualifier is a double-elimination tournament with six paired rounds. When you finish the sixth round of the tournament, or are eliminated after losing two rounds, you earn a number of Prize Credits based on the number of your victories.

  •     0 Wins — 2 Prize Credits
  •     1 Win — 4 Prize Credits
  •     2 Wins — 6 Prize Credits
  •     3 Wins — 8 Prize Credits
  •     4 Wins — 12 Prize Credits
  •     5 or 6 Wins — 16 Prize Credits

In addition, each competitor who successfully wins all six rounds will earn an invitation to the World Championship in May!

Players who earn their invitation in March or April can instead elect to use their invitation at the following year’s World Championship.

Escape Pod

Many Galactic Qualifiers will also offer the Escape Pod side tournament for players who to enjoy a more casual gaming or experience or who want more rapid-fire Destiny action!

After eight competitors enroll, they will be paired together for a quick, three-round tournament. After the third round, you receive Prize Credits based on the number of your victories.

  •     0 or 1 Win — 1 Prize Credit
  •     2 Wins — 2 Prize Credits
  •     3 Wins — 4 Prize Credits

The Prize Station

After earning Prize Credits for your triumphs, you can redeem them for prizes at the event’s Prize Station!

Many of the items featured at the Galactic Qualifier Prize Station are new and exclusive to the program. These prizes may be accompanied by an assortment of alternate and extended art prize cards from some previous Organized Play kits.

Be sure to exchange all of your Prize Credits before you leave. Prize Credits are only valid at the event at which they are awarded!

Redeem your Prize Credits for these rewards, while supplies last:

  •     1 Prize Credit — Release Kit prize card
  •     2 Prize Credits — Tournament Kit core prize card
  •     3 Prize Credits — Galactic Qualifier prize card
  •     4 Prize Credits — Tournament Kit elite prize card
  •     8 Prize Credits — Galactic Qualifier plastic spot-glossed battlefield
  •     12 Prize Credits — Galactic Qualifier plastic spot-glossed character
  •     24 Prize Credits — Galactic Qualifier game mat
  •     32 Prize Credits — Galactic Qualifier two-player game mat