Wage Ruthless War
for Once-Lost Stars

Forbidden Stars

A Game of Interplanetary War
in the 41st Millennium

In Forbidden Stars, a board game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, two to four players command factions battling to control the long-forgotten Herakon Cluster. For millennia, unrelenting and impenetrable Warp Storms closed off this sector of the galaxy, concealing its ancient treasures, and priceless resources. Now, although a few warp storms still occur, a safe passage has opened up at last. Competing factions are rapidly descending upon the Herakon Cluster, bringing death and destruction in their wake. They will stop at nothing to control this sector, and are ready to drench its worlds in the blood of millions and scorch them with the ravenous flames of war. 

New Worlds 

Dominate the Herakon Cluster

Occupy unclaimed planets. Build massive armies. Fight for a long-forgotten sector of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Build Powerful Armies 

The Galaxy’s
Mighty Factions

Four powerful factions have sent their armies to take control of the Herakon Cluster. The Imperium has dispatched the Ultramarines Chapter of the Space Marines, famous for their discipline, honour, and unwavering loyalty to the Emperor. Seeking to claim the sector for chaos are the World Eaters Chaos Space Marines, once the most dreaded and savage of all Space Marine legions, now servants of the Blood God and bitter enemies to all mankind. The Evil Sunz clan of Orks brings their battlewagons and rampaging hordes to ravage, loot, and wreak havoc upon as many worlds as possible. So too come Eldar from the Craftworld Iyanden, with legions of Aspect Warriors and Wraithguards, believing that fate has brought them to this expanse of the void.

Each faction features a range of units and ships, allowing you to grow your army over the course of the game. Faction-specific combat decks convey each faction’s unique means of war and tactical strengths, so that no two armies fight alike, and no two battles are the same.


Your Foes

War Is Inevitable

War can erupt in any system at any time. Armies may duel over a planet, ships over control of a void, or ships can rain down destruction upon an enemy world. Battles are rarely over instantaneously, and the tide may turn unexpectedly.  

Combat in Forbidden Stars takes place over three executions. At the start of combat, players roll dice for each of their units involved. Then, three times, they select, play, and resolve combat cards from their hands. As the battle unfolds over these three executions, a well-planned onslaught can slowly transform into a gory atrocity, an apparently foolhardy attack can result in an unequivocal and brutal triumph. You’ll need both a powerful army and cunning tactics in order to win. 


No Peace Among the Stars

War has come to the Herakon Cluster. Are you commander enough to win?