Come join Fantasy Flight Games in Roseville, Minnesota the weekend of November 6 – 9 for our 2014 World Championship Weekend!

The Pinnacle of Organized Play

The FFG World Championship Weekend allows us to unite the best players from North America, Europe, and across the world for a full weekend of top-tier competition.

Featuring international champions and the best players from North America, the FFG World Championship Weekend offers players from around the globe another fantastic chance to face top-level competition. It also presents players with the singular opportunity to compete against the world’s best in a single, climactic event.

Holding the FFG World Championship Weekend in November allows us to better coordinate our event with international championships, facilitating the participation of top players from other nations to foster a truly global event.

Additionally, hosting the FFG World Championship Weekend at our headquarters in Roseville, MN allows us to best focus our energy on this event. For four days, our players take the center stage, and our staff can provide support for this event that simply wouldn’t be possible elsewhere.

Championship Events

The FFG World Championship Weekend takes place the weekend of November 6 – 9 in Roseville, Minnesota. We have expanded our facility to provide additional space to support all the players and tournaments scheduled for this remarkable weekend event. It's a four-day celebration of gaming and top-level competition that you do not want to miss!

You can build upon the legacies of our LCGs ( A Game of Thrones: The Card Game , Android: Netrunner The Card Game , Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game , Star Wars ™: The Card Game ), joining the halls of fame with other previous World Champions. You can conquer the Old World in Warhammer: Diskwars . Or you can blast your way to miniatures gaming glory in the World Championship for X-Wing .

Each of these tournaments is open to the general public.

Players compete for the Iron Throne in “the only game that matters!” The FFG World Championship Weekend brings fans of A Game of Thrones a double dose of Westeros’ epic battles and subtle intrigues with the Melee and Joust World Championships, and one player will rise above them all to win the title of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Overall World Champion.

File transfer commencing… The network is everywhere, and the virtual world is layered with sentries, snares, barriers, and data files that contain the most valuable secrets of the world’s richest businesses. It’s Corps versus Runners in the high-tech, high-stakes cyberstruggles of the Android: Netrunner World Championship.

The Ancient Ones exert their growing influence upon our world as investigators and cultists compete for the eldritch artifacts needed to banish them to distant realms or herald the end days. Confront supernatural terrors and the best players in the world in the Call of Cthulhu World Championship.

As the Empire constructs an orbital battle station of unfathomable power to spearhead its galactic conquest, members of the Rebel Alliance and their allies fight a desperate battle for freedom. In the Star Wars ™: The Card Game World Championship, dark and light side forces decide the fate of the galaxy!

The Old World's battlefields will run with blood during the brutal battles of Warhammer: Diskwars ! The Empire and the other forces of Order clash against the forces of Chaos and Destruction in the fast and furious battles of the Warhammer: Diskwars World Championship!

Conquer the Traxis Sector for fame, glory, and riches! In Warhammer 40,000: Conquest , players vie for control over planets in dark, gritty combat. Defeat your opponents and prove to all that you are a force to be reckoned with not only in the world, but in the universe!

Deploy your most powerful starfighters for the X-Wing ™ World Championship! In this tournament, Rebel X-wings clash with Imperial TIE fighters in cinematic space battles. Select your ships, craft your plan of attack, and complete your mission of becoming the best squadron leader in the galaxy.

A Four-Day Celebration of Gaming

The FFG World Championship Weekend is an important component of Fantasy Flight Games’ efforts to foster a large, growing, energetic, and global community for our Organized Play programs. We are thrilled by the love and dedication you show our games, and the FFG World Championship Weekend provides us the opportunity to return the favor!

While our World Championship tournaments are clearly the highlights of this extended weekend, we’re also pleased to offer multiple side events designed for players of all levels. You’ll be able to participate in league play, challenge FFG staff members, and enjoy multiple side tournaments.

Come join us November 6 – 9 in Roseville, Minnesota for the FFG World Championship Weekend.

World Championship Schedule

While all your favorite games will be returning, the centerpiece of the 2014 event is the debut of two brand-new World Championships: Warhammer: Diskwars and Warhammer 40,000: Conquest ! These two games will be played alongside our perennial mainstays throughout the weekend.

Check back later for more details.