The world of Warhammer is a place of suffering, cruelty, and violence, where untold millions toil endlessly for an uncertain chance at survival. Facing the ever looming spectre of crippling disease, brutal attack, and even the unfathomable machinations of Dark Gods, the denizens of the Old World know naught but strife. Yet sometimes, fate selects an agent, lifting him from the grim peril of his daily struggle and bestowing upon him the rare chance to influence history for good or ill. A precious few live up to this lofty promise, and they are hailed as kings, conquerors, and heroes. Fewer still exceed it, and they are called legends.

The Legends Expansion for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game features the most well known figures in the history of the Old World, and brings their power and influence to your Warhammer: Invasion deck. Introducing a never-before-seen card type called “Legend,” the Legends Expansion delivers compelling new mechanics and deck-building options that will elevate your Warhammer: Invasion game to new levels of immersion and strategy.

Like gods among men

Chief among the gameplay innovations introduced by the Legends Expansion is the inclusion of a new card type: Legend. A Legend card represents one of a faction’s most influential heroes, leaders, and villains; the placement of such of card in your play area affects every zone you control, as it lends its individual strengths to your forces as a whole. For new and casual players, Legend cards present an exciting additional layer of strategy. For veteran players, these powerful cards are the keystones around which entire decks can be built.

To begin, Legend cards are shuffled into a player’s deck like all other cards. But instead of being played from your hand into one of your zones, Legend cards are placed directly onto your capital board (and only during their owner’s capital phase). It’s from this centralized location that these mighty figures can best direct their armies. However, they will only rouse to defend their own people; a legend’s loyalty icon must match that of the capital board on which he is placed. You must build your deck wisely if you hope to harness the force of these living icons.

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A legend’s power icons are split between the battlefield, quest, and kingdom zones, allowing him to contribute that power to all three zones at once. Since a legend lends both his kingdom power during the kingdom phase and his quest power during the quest phase, his presence is a significant factor in the rapid development of a faction’s war machine. But these gods among men can even take up arms and contribute their power to the battlefield, where they can deal and receive damage as if they were mere units. Be wary! Though beloved and even worshipped by their own people, a legend has countless enemies. Your foes will spare no expense to rob your legend of his life, and you of his influence.

Untouchable on their thrones

But striking at a legend, much less killing one, is no easy task. First, since legends represent an entirely new card type, they are not subject to effects that target units, support, or tactic cards. Any card that directly targets legends is likely to be appropriately costly, so devoting the resources (and valuable space in your finely constructed deck) to assassinate a legend can be a difficult proposition.

Next, legends inspire such loyalty (or fear) that their followers are compelled to die first before letting any harm come to them. During the battlefield phase, the active player may choose to attack his opponent’s legend instead of his opponent’s capital (after declaring which zone he is attacking, he declares whether his target is the zone or the legend via that zone). If a legend has been targeted through a zone, the defending player may declare units in that zone as defenders of that legend. Then, enough damage must be assigned to destroy each defending unit before any can be assigned to the legend.

From his relative safety behind a throng of defending warriors, a legend even adds his power (as damage) to the embattled zone. Would-be attackers should know that if they want to lead an assault against a legend, they will need plenty of firepower. Conversely, the wise leader will protect his legend well, ensuring that his capital has no vulnerable entry points through which the great figure could be endangered. After all, players are permitted only one legend at a time.

Legends in the making

But even if you choose not to capitalize on the awesome power of this innovative card type, the Legends Expansion still offers new and exciting ways to augment and enhance your Warhammer: Invasion experience. Its 165 never-before-seen cards (3 copies each of 55 unique cards) bring scores of new units, tactics, and support cards to players of all factions, while expanding the existing pool of neutral cards.

Fate has chosen you, and your time has come. Take your place alongside the Old World’s greatest legends!