“For thousands of years after the collapse of the polar gates, with the immediate threat of Chaos thwarted, the Lizardmen existed in relative seclusion while the world changed around them.”
    –Warhammer: Lizardmen

The world of Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game has changed. Countless wars have scarred its lands. Torrents of blood have soaked its battlefields. No one is safe. No race can sit safely outside its ongoing battles. In the end, there is only war; there is no neutrality.

Hidden Kingdoms is the fifth deluxe expansion for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game . Its 172 cards include four capital cards and the maximum legal number of fifty-five different player cards that bring the game’s four biggest neutral races to life as fully developed, playable factions!

At last, players gain the opportunity to play Warhammer: Invasion as Lizardmen , Wood Elves , Skaven , and Undead . Hidden Kingdoms fleshes out these four new factions with their own capitals and legends, as well as a host of new units and supports, including several that are faction-specific.

Meanwhile, fans of the game’s other races will find additional support for their favorite factions, including new units, tactics, and Tributes , which allow the factions to forge temporary alliances and ignore the loyalty costs for out-of-faction cards.

To Rule, You Must First Build Your Kingdom

The battles of Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game are battles for dominion over the Old World. You build from the strength of your capital. You win by burning your opponent’s capital. Accordingly, each of the game’s factions must have its own capital, and in Hidden Kingdoms , the Lizardmen , Wood Elves , Undead , and Skaven all gain capitals that they can call home.

Unlike the game’s other capitals, the new capitals from Hidden Kingdoms don’t come with loyalty symbols. Instead, each neutral race’s capital bears a racial icon that corresponds to the faction-specific capital rules outlined in the Hidden Kingdoms rules insert. The Lizardmen and Wood Elves capitals are aligned with the forces of Order, while the Skaven and Undead capitals are aligned with the forces of Destruction. Each neutral race’s capital allows the play of faction-specific units and legends. Additionally, each racial icon is tied to a unique game effect.

After an attack against you is resolved, deal 1 uncancellable damage to a unit that participated in the attack.
After determining the first player during Setup, place 1 card from the top of your deck into each zone as a development (start with the Kingdom Zone, then the Battlefield Zone, and finally the Quest Zone).
You have 2 [POWER] in both your Kingdom and Quest Zones. Lower the cost of the first Skaven unit you play into your battlefield each turn by 1.
After determining the first player during Setup, discard the top 5 cards of your deck.

With their unique abilities, these neutral race capitals do more than just allow you to play each faction’s faction-specific units, supports, and legends. They bolster each race’s signature personality and mechanics, and they give you plenty of reasons to consider playing these races on their own, rather than as support for another of the game’s factions!

Lowering the Cost of Loyalty

There’s more than just their unique capital abilities to get you excited to play these four neutral races as their own factions in your future games of Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game . While it’s possible to play the majority of these factions’ cards in other decks, their new legends, as well as a few faction-specific units and supports, can only be played in decks using their capitals and offer a number of fun and competitive strategies.

For example, the Lizardmen legend, Scar-Leader Kroq-Gar ( Hidden Kingdoms , 1) doesn’t just force you to rely upon the strength of your Lizardmen units to burn your opponent’s capital; he rewards you for doing so. The more Lizardmen units you can get into your hand, the more devastating his attacks become.

Meanwhile, cards like Skryre District ( Hidden Kingdoms , 26), offer the Skaven highly efficient means to build up its economy, and each of these four new playable factions receive similar supports to bring them on equal footing with the game’s other factions.

No One Is Truly Neutral

The Old World has changed, and there is no longer room for the game’s neutral races to remain on the sidelines while the bloody battles of Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game threaten their homelands. With the new units, legends, and other cards from Hidden Kingdoms , you can finally march to war as any one of the game’s four new, fully playable factions – Lizardmen , Wood Elves , Skaven , and Undead .