“If he could be turned, he would be a powerful ally.”
   –Darth Vader, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Ally Packs and Villain Packs for Imperial Assault bring new life to the iconic heroes and villains of the Star Wars universe, while expanding both the campaign and skirmish games!

Imperial Assault Ally Packs and Villain Packs introduce detailed, sculpted plastic figures, portraying iconic characters from the Star Wars galaxy. These figures can be used in any mission for the campaign game or the skirmish game, but these expansions offer far more than plastic figures. In each figure pack, you’ll find missions that highlight the figures included in the expansion. Even besides these missions, you’ll find Agenda cards, Reward cards, Skirmish cards, Mission cards, and Command cards to enhance your game experience in both the campaign game and the skirmish game of Imperial Assault .

Formidable Allies

Ally Packs bring the noble heroes of Star Wars to life with sculpted plastic figures, cinematic missions, and exciting cards. For example, the Han Solo Ally Pack includes a plastic figure representing the renowned smuggler Han Solo, allowing you to replace the token found in the Imperial Assault Core Set. This expansion also contains three missions that highlight Han Solo’s cunning wiles and underworld contacts.

In the Han Solo Ally Pack , you gain access to one side mission – Imperial Entanglements – that you can include in any campaign. In this side mission, Imperial boarding craft attack the Millennium Falcon , challenging you to fight to defend the ship even as you search for the codes to free yourself. If the heroes manage to escape from the Imperial boarders, you receive the Quickdraw Holster Reward card, included in this expansion. With this item, any hero will be able to shoot first against a would-be attacker.

This expansion also includes two missions for the I mperial Assault skirmish game, set in the depths of the Corellian underground. You’ll be able to battle a single opponent head-to-head as you root out local thugs or gamble for vast amounts of credits at an illicit Sabacc table. In addition to these missions, you’ll find six Command cards in the Han Solo Ally Pack for use in any skirmish mission. The Slippery Target card allows any Smuggler or Spy to slip away from a hostile figure, while by playing I Make My Own Luck on Han Solo, you can pull initiative away from your opponent at the start of a round.

The Han Solo Ally Pack is just one example of an Imperial Assault Ally Pack . Similarly, all other Ally Packs include new missions for your campaign and skirmishes, alongside plenty of new Command cards, Mission cards, and Reward cards.

Dangerous Villains

For those lured by the dark side, Villain Packs for Imperial Assault give you the chance to embody some of the most feared characters in the Star Wars universe. These Villain Packs enhance your power as the Imperial player during a campaign, and give you access to some of the galaxy’s most feared villains in a skirmish game. For example, you can hunt your foes mercilessly with the bounty hunter, IG-88. In the IG-88 Villain Pack , you’ll find a detailed plastic figure to replace the token found in the Imperial Assault Core Set, alongside three missions that highlight IG-88’s brutal tactics and mechanical efficiency.

This expansion offers a three-card agenda set consisting of one side mission and two other Agenda cards that the Imperial player can use in any campaign. This set, Droid Uprising , allows you to play as IG-88 and lead an army of Droids against the heroes in a side mission that can be woven into any campaign. The other cards in the agenda set, like Sabotaged Plans , give you even more opportunities to interfere with the heroes over the course of the campaign, ensuring that the mechanical superiority of Droids triumphs over their biological oppressors.

The IG-88 Villain Pack also offers missions for the skirmish game, reflecting IG-88’s background and abilities. In the depths of the Ord Mantell junkyards, you may battle another strike team to recover valuable salvage before the junkyard’s laser defenses activate, or you may engage in a dangerous game as you hunt another team through the torturous terrain. This figure pack also offers seven Command cards that you can put to good use in any Imperial Assault skirmish mission. Merciless allows you to deplete your opponent’s supply of Command cards or gain valuable victory points, while Overdrive allows IG-88 or another Droid to take an additional action on his activation, raising the amount of carnage he can cause to unprecedented levels.

Call Upon Iconic Characters

With Ally Packs and Villain Packs , you have the chance to command recognizable characters and play thrilling missions for the Imperial Assault campaign game and skirmish game. Whether you pledge to fight for the Rebel Alliance, serve the Galactic Empire, or work as a Mercenary, you’ll find plenty of figure packs to enhance your games of Imperial Assault .