The one unbroken lamp in the ransacked laboratory illuminates a small, slug-like creature wriggling on a glass dish. The notes next to it are covered with a bizarre mix of mathematical formulae and arcane symbols. Suddenly, a thick stream of ichor falls across the notes from somewhere above you. Your blood chills as you unholster your revolver. Something growls at you from the rafters.

Science has gone mad in Forbidden Alchemy , a horrifying expansion for Mansions of Madness that presents investigators with three new tales of scientific horror, plus a host of new components for their existing stories! Beyond the laboratory door, you’ll discover four clever new investigators, two terrifying monster types, nearly 250 new cards, 40 tokens and markers, and six detailed map tiles. This comprehensive expansion also contains never-before-seen rules and components for Alchemy puzzles, Side Effect cards, mutations, crawling hands, and even time travel. Do you dare face the otherworldly horrors that lurk within?

New Investigators Face Otherworldly Horrors

Forbidden Alchemy introduces four new investigators to the hunt for clues. While the skilled illusionist Dexter Drake aspires to greater arcane powers, psychologist Carolyn Fern bases her arts in more rational, scientific endeavors. Intrepid cameraman Darrell Simmons is no stranger to the peculiar goings-on of Arkham, and the bone saw-wielding Doctor Vincent Lee may, when in a pinch, find himself reconsidering his sacred oath to “do no harm.”

Each investigator comes equipped with a full array of traits and starting items, ensuring players the ability to customize the character that best suits their play style. Doctor Lee’s “Field Medic” ability, for example, lets him test his Intellect to prevent his fellow investigators from taking damage, while his “Autopsy” ability lets him learn what he can from the corpses of fallen foes! With its expanded range of characters, abilities, and equipment, Forbidden Alchemy further bolsters Mansions of Madness ’ already significant replayability.

But the eldritch forces that seek to enshroud humanity aren’t standing idle. Forbidden Alchemy also introduces two new monsters, each with multiple versions. The oozing, slimy Crawling One is a writhing mass of shambling flesh that can spray its enemies with a swarm of tiny worms, but the flying Byahkee is an even more formidable beast. It can traverse the map with ease and will strike without warning, so watch the rafters!

Dabble in the Alchemical Arts

As you explore the abandoned hospitals, secret laboratories, and forgotten cellars of half-mad scientists, you may often be tempted to employ their unholy creations for your own ends. Worse yet, these fiendish creations may even be used as traps against you!

To represent this threat, Forbidden Alchemy introduces a versatile new puzzle type called the Alchemy Puzzle. Alchemy Puzzles differ from other puzzles in that once started, no one is entirely safe from their terrifying effects. For example, a strange chemical spill may require that you quickly concoct a solution to avoid certain doom!

After completing the necessary Alchemy Puzzle, you must then roll a test, using the number of correctly placed puzzle pieces as your attribute. If your concoction is not deemed safe (if your roll is higher than the number of correct pieces), it can cause horrific side effects! No longer is it safe to simply fail to complete a puzzle, leaving it to the next investigator to finish. When you dabble in eldritch alchemy, the consequences can be dire indeed, resulting in noxious fumes that cause insanity, pain, or worse...

Three Haunting New Stories

Looking for new challenges? Forbidden Alchemy features three horrifying stories of scientific discovery gone horribly awry.

In “Return of the Reanimator,” the investigators are tasked with entering a vermin-infested manor to seek the whereabouts of Doctor Herbert West, a reportedly insane scientist whose legendary experiments in reanimation led to his untimely demise. Meanwhile, “Yellow Matter” tells the grim tale of research into strange extraterrestrial beings. But who is the experimenter, and who is the subject? Finally, “Lost in Time and Space” takes your Mansions of Madness experience to mind-bending new heights with the introduction of time travel! Travel back to the mid-nineteenth century or ahead to the mid-twenty-first in your search for the truth behind a strange and dangerous device.

And with Forbidden Alchemy , the story doesn’t end with the exciting finale. Each scenario contains a brief resolution called an Epilogue, which tells players the full consequences of their investigation. Whether the investigators succeed or fail, the keeper reads this gripping conclusion aloud, wrapping up the narrative and delivering satisfying closure to each tale.

Enter the Laboratory

Check the “News” tab above for detailed previews of Forbidden Alchemy , and prepare to enter the laboratory...if you dare!