Labyrinth of Ruin is an expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition that introduces an all-new epic campaign, plus new heroes, monsters, classes, and more! Set in a previously unexplored region of Terrinoth, Labyrinth of Ruin takes players on a riveting journey to the broken remains of a forgotten city. Throughout the many quests included in this expansion, heroes will enlist the aid of unique allies in their mission to stop the evil overlord.

Even without its epic campaign, the Labyrinth of Ruin expansion features content designed to enhance your Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition experience for years to come. A new Overlord deck provides an alternative to the core game’s fifteen basic Overlord cards, while cunning new monsters add their strength to the forces of evil. Four new heroes seek adventure on the outskirts of Terrinoth, and four new classes (the Apothecary, the Beastmaster, the Hexer, and the Treasure Hunter) add to players’ character options. All this, along with new Travel Event cards, Condition cards, Shop Item cards, and a green power die, ensure even greater customization and replayability than ever before!

Venture Into a New Land

Dreams of fortune and glory, untamed lands, and old mysteries have brought you to the edges of Terrinoth, near to the ruined city of Sudanya. Little is known of this place and its people, but tales and legends give naught but high allure to the seasoned adventurer.

A dark omen shrouds your steps when you first discover the scattered remains of a Dunwarr expedition to these lands. Dead and burned, the bodies of these explorers transform to caution what was once a sense of excitement. Your destination of the Pylia Caravan, formed into an encampment for several weeks of local trade, lies not far on the road ahead.

The expedition’s fate forces you to recall many dark rumors regarding the mysterious city. Sinister forces, terrible magic, and a deep seed of evil led to Sudanya’s downfall, or so it is said. Will you unlock the secrets of the forgotten city, or will this grisly scene prove an ominous sign of things to come...?

The comprehensive campaign in Labyrinth of Ruin features nineteen narratively rich quests. While they can be enjoyed as standalone experiences, these engaging adventures were designed with campaign play in mind, telling the story of an enigmatic sorceress’s vile plot to bring darkness to the world. What’s more, as with the base game’s campaign “The Shadow Rune,” Labyrinth of Ruin ’s included campaign uses a clever plot system that reacts to players’ successes and failures. With each successfully completed quest, either the heroes or the overlord will grow in power...leading up to a gripping showdown in the campaign’s finale!

However, in addition to offering quest rewards such as gold, experience, and relics, Labyrinth of Ruin raises the stakes with an all-new gameplay element: Allies. These non-player characters, who come into play through specific quests, are represented by Ally tokens, and their abilities and attacks can provide much-needed support to a beleaguered team of heroes. But take care! The overlord seeks to corrupt your companions for his own ends, and should you fail to protect them, today’s dear friends may become tomorrow’s bitter enemies.

The Overlord Grows in Power

The overlord’s reach extends even to this forgotten landscape, and new minions have risen to oppose what goodness remains here. The tunnels and catacombs beneath Sudanya now crawl with giant insects, magically enchanted goblins, and worse, all waiting to eviscerate intruders.

Once harmless spiders now mutated to unbelievable sizes, the arachyura are massive and bloodthirsty killers capable of cleaving off arms with one grasp of their pinchers. Likewise horrifying are the chitin-armored volucrix reavers, bipedal insectoids with serrated blades for limbs, and the bottom-feeding carrion drakes, who spread noxious disease wherever they roam. These monstrosities have heretofore been content to remain beneath the scorched wastes, but recent months have seen them rise in service to the overlord.

In addition to new monsters with which to harass the heroes, the overlord’s arsenal expands with a host of new abilities. Labyrinth of Ruin introduces an alternate deck of basic Overlord cards, marked “Basic II,” which the overlord can put in play at the start of a campaign. These largely magical effects subject the heroes to a range of unexpected obstacles, and many of them have an added benefit when used to target a specific hero archetype. Befuddle , for example, forces a hero to reroll a successful attribute test...but when it’s directed at a hero in the Scout archetype, that Scout becomes fatigued. These additional text effects are sure to add a new layer of strategy to the overlord’s decisions and to everyone’s overall game experience.

Brave Heroes Enter the Fight

Even in the face of these challenges, hope persists. The heroes, for their part, benefit from the addition of four brave new characters and four versatile new classes. The mighty Beastmaster is a hunter of unparalleled skill, and with his loyal wolf at his side, he’s prepared to stalk his prey through any wilderness. Meanwhile, the avaricious Treasure Hunter may excel at claiming wealth and uncovering relics, but he’s more than capable of defending himself – and his newfound riches – should his situation demand it.

Those drawn to the esoteric ways of magic may prefer the Hexer, a “de-buffing” class capable of making the overlord’s minions pay for every step they take. With an arsenal of plagues, curses, and other afflictions at his command, the Hexer is a grim reminder that even the most objectionable forms of magic can be used in the name of good. Finally, the versatile Apothecary is a walking treasure-trove of elixirs, tonics, and other concoctions. It would be foolish, however, to assume that the Apothecary is a mere peddler of potions; many a foe has made that mistake, only to find themselves choked with poison gas.

New Cards, Dice, and More!

Along with its many never-before-seen characters and component types, Labyrinth of Ruin offers new Travel Event cards, Condition cards, Shop Item cards, and more! Bring grave misfortune to your enemies with the new “curse” condition, or add powerful weapons like the Obsidian Greataxe or the Serpent Dagger to your Shop deck.

Labyrinth of Ruin even includes two new green power dice, expanding the possible results of your attacks. These potent dice are most often added to rolls as the result of a special ability or bonus enhancement; not only do they lack a “miss” result, but they offer a two thirds chance to add a surge to your roll! With the subtle but noticeable advantage that green power dice bring, you’ll want to seek out the new relics, weapons, and powers that add them your hero’s dice pool.

Can you discover the riches hidden within the ruined city? Add Labyrinth of Ruin to your Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition collection and unlock its secrets...if you dare!