Hero and Monster Collections are a new form of expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition . Each collection contains four heroes, three or more monster groups, and two brand new quests for you to experience. Many of the heroes and monsters included in Hero and Monster Collections are updated versions of heroes and monsters previously only available in the first edition of Descent .

Although many of the heroes and monsters in the Hero and Monster Collections have appeared before in Descent , these noble heroes are presented in an entirely new light. New art and sculpts for figures and refined balance for gameplay allow you to expand your options for gameplay through the heroes in every Hero and Monster Collection . Any quest will be aided by the addition of these heroes as they battle the power of the overlord.

Three or more monster groups also reappear in each Hero and Monster Collection . Like the heroes, these monsters feature improved balance with new artwork and detailed figure sculpts. The overlord’s power to influence the land of Terrinoth will only grow stronger with these monsters as your servants.

Alongside new sculpts and artwork for figures, you can experience two entirely new quests in every Hero and Monster Collection , either playing the quests individually or using Rumor cards to weave them into a full campaign. These quests are designed to highlight the full strengths and abilities of the monsters and heroes included in any collection.

A host of heroes stand ready to answer the call of adventure, but new monsters emerge from the shadows to oppose them. Every Hero and Monster Collection unlocks new opportunities for you to strategize with the unique abilities of heroes and monsters. Unleash the monsters and join the heroes!