More Than Just a Miniature

Originally conceived as 28mm pewter miniatures that could replace lieutenant tokens, these Lieutenant Packs offer a broader game experience and at a lower price.

  • The overlord can select cards from a single Plot deck to increase his power over the course of a campaign.
  • Each lieutenant can now be summoned into nearly any campaign.
  • Sculpted plastic figures retain detail while reducing end cost, meaning you get an entire expansion with a figure, cards, and tokens for less than the cost of a single pewter miniature.

Lieutenant Packs
for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition bring new life to the Overlord’s most powerful agents, all while providing an additional level of strategic depth to your adventures!

Each Lieutenant Pack includes one detailed plastic miniature, ten Plot cards, two Agent cards, and sixteen double-sided threat/fortune tokens. With the new game mechanics described on their included rules sheets, Lieutenant Packs offer far more than a detailed plastic figure; they offer a new way for both the overlord and the heroes to enjoy Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition !

Of course, the centerpiece of each Lieutenant Pack is its detailed plastic figure. Designed to replace the game’s lieutenant tokens, these 28mm figures are the same color and scale as Descent hero figures. With them, the overlord can place his most dangerous operatives on an equal footing with the champions of Terrinoth, all while deepening the immersion of his group’s adventures.

Not Just a Figure...Entirely New Strategies

While a lieutenant figure certainly enhances the aesthetics of your game, the benefits of a Descent Lieutenant Pack go far beyond this single component. Lieutenant Packs provide a number of entirely new game mechanics, and with them come new strategic options for both the heroes and the overlord.

First, the ten Plot cards included in each Lieutenant Pack allow the overlord to apply a single, overarching strategy to any campaign. At the start of a campaign, the overlord selects a single Plot deck from one of the Lieutenant Packs to use through the entirety of the narrative. Its Plot cards provide extra powers for the overlord to acquire and use by spending Threat (another new mechanic introduced in Lieutenant Packs ).

But how does the overlord select a Plot deck for a given campaign? Plot decks each have their own distinct “flavor,” which thematically mirrors the lieutenant with which they are packaged. The cowardly and rotund Splig, for example, is a goblin associated with retreating from fight, hiding behind less valuable targets, and bolstering stamina through gluttony. Therefore, the Plot deck included in the Splig Lieutenant Pack offers a range of Splig-inspired tactics. Spirited Retreat , for example, helps monsters with the Wilderness trait (such as barghests) either swarm the heroes or escape en masse. Similarly, Dive into Cover helps ensure that even if a hero manages one good strike against a monster, he won’t easily manage a second. And for overlords who prefer to stand and fight, Overfed turns all Wilderness monsters into plump little versions of their leader: portly and stout, but slow to escape.

Threat and Fortune

Once he has chosen a Plot deck for the campaign, the overlord can purchase cards from that deck during the Campaign phase, and can then play those cards during the campaign’s quests. To do so, he spends threat tokens, a versatile new component included in each Lieutenant Pack .

The overlord gains threat tokens by defeating heroes, completing quests, trading away his Experience Points, or playing Rumor cards from expansions like Lair of the Wyrm . Then, he spends them to either add new Plot cards to his play area or activate cards that he’s already purchased. Continuing our example from above, if the overlord purchases Dive into Cover (for the “purchase cost” of three Threat) during the Campaign phase, he’ll have that particular power for the rest of the campaign. Thereafter, during any quest, he can spend one threat token (the “trigger cost” of Dive into Cover) to activate that card’s text effect!

When the overlord spends a threat token during a quest, it becomes a fortune token and is awarded to the heroes.

Playing Plot cards isn’t without consequences, however. Each threat token is double-sided, and on its opposite side is its heroic counterpart, the fortune token. Whenever the overlord spends threat to trigger a Plot card during a quest, he must flip the threat token to its fortune side and give it to a hero...who can then use it to trigger powerful effects of his own! Hero players can in turn spend fortune tokens on a range of abilities, including re-rolling dice and taking additional actions. The overlord should therefore consider his timing and approach carefully; he may strike a blow against the heroes, but he’ll simultaneously strengthen them. 

Agents of Evil

Descent Lieutenant Packs also allow you to use your new plastic figure in nearly any campaign, not just those that narratively call for that specific lieutenant!

Each Plot deck includes one “Summon” card, which allows the overlord to swap in a version of the lieutenant character offered in that pack. For example, with the Summon – Splig card, the overlord can replace one master monster from a quest’s open monster group with the Splig “Agent,” a version of Splig that, while not as powerful as his full-fledged lieutenant persona, provides the same basic strategic advantages.

Which Plot deck will you bring to your adventures? No matter which you choose, Descent Lieutenant Packs offer your game a whole new level of immersion and strategy!