“Before the canals were filled up they were thoroughly dredged, and yielded forth a sensational array of sawed and split bones of all sizes…”
–H.P. Lovecraft, The Horror at Red Hook

It is a time of change in Europe. Political strife runs rampant and cabals are forming, each bent on seizing new power. While Venice resounds with the mirth of Carnevale, indescribable things traverse its streets and canals, cloaked in masks and capes, indistinguishable from the city’s revelers. They race against members of the church, exchange students from Miskatonic University, and others to discover the relics of power that lie hidden beneath the city in a sunken vault. Whose conspiracy will bear fruit? Will the defenders of mankind prevail, or will the servitors of forgotten gods plunge the city into the depths of the lagoon as surely as they plunge Europe into war?

Terror in Venice is the fifth deluxe expansion for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game , introducing 165 new cards (three copies each of fifty-five individual cards) that give life to the terrifying secrets and conspiracies taking shape in the streets, alleys, and darker corners of Venice, Italy.

Set in a turn-of-the-century Venice appropriate to the world of H.P. Lovecraft’s eerie fiction, Terror in Venice depicts the struggles between the game’s eight factions as each stakes its bid for control of the city, the powerful Relics it hides, and the role that they may play in deciding the fate of humanity. Moreover, Terror in Venice explores the pre-existing mechanics for Day and Night , reinforcing and reinvigorating those keywords with no fewer than twenty new cards. While humanity’s hopes shine brightest in the light of Day , they fade with the setting sun. The dark of Night gives strength to the terrors that lurk in the city’s shadows and at the frayed edges of our mortal realm; Night breeds fear and anxiety, and it powers those terrifying beings that feed upon such raw and powerful emotions.

Secret Conspiracies

Terror in Venice provides players the opportunity to participate in deadly new struggles at any of seven new conspiracies. Like Mass Hysteria ( Terror in Venice , 24), these conspiracies are full of dangers for all those characters who investigate them, and like Death Comes for All ( Terror in Venice , 25), these conspiracies can be full of dangers for those players who don’t investigate them.

Whether you seek to win them or avoid them, the seven new conspiracies from Terror in Venice reinforce the game’s focus on its four icon struggles: Terror, Combat, Arcane, and Investigation. Indeed, as the game’s eight factions compete for control of Venice and its relics, those who can best navigate these new conspiracies are bound to gain a tremendous edge in the battle for the fate of the world!

Fear the Darkness

Terror in Venice greatly reinforces and reinvigorates the Day and Night mechanic that originally debuted in Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game during the Dreamlands cycle of Asylum Packs.

While these rival Day and Night conditions do little on their own, they can each exert a powerful influence over the course of a match by triggering the abilities of other Day and Night cards. Only one of these conditions can be in play at a time because each card that makes it Night forces the discard of all cards that would make it Day , and vice versa. Of course, each condition has a distinct “personality” in the game, and the forces of humanity have plenty of reasons to dread the setting of the sun and the dark of Night .

Traditionally, in Call of Cthulhu , those who seek to protect humanity from the unfathomable terrors forcing their way into our world tend to gain strength in the light of Day . This remains true in Terror of Venice . In this deluxe expansion, the Agency’s operatives have allied themselves to the church, and Miskatonic University is represented by a number of traveling students. Their investigations run more smoothly during the Day , and they are less likely to suffer maddening encounters with dread creatures from other realms. Likewise, the mental strain caused by delving into the dark arts is similarly reduced during the Day , as evidenced by the efforts of the mysterious Silver Twilight, who collect magical rituals and artifacts like the Hermetic Seal ( Terror in Venice , 42).

On the other hand, the dark of Night permits the game’s Cultists , Monsters , Lunatics , and Servitors to travel freely, unimpeded by the city’s guardians. But you’ll find that characters are the only ones to draw terrible power from the Night . The boundaries between our world and those realms beyond seem to thin, fray, and fade while the sun has set, and some places close to those gaps become infused with sinister energies, like San Servolo ( Terror in Venice , 15). At Night , this asylum twists and bends the minds of those who come to close to its pervasive insanity.

The Canals Will Flow with Blood

What terror seizes the streets and canals of Venice in the dark of night? What horrors will be revealed in the light of day? Strange and fascinating new characters, supports, and events drive the game’s factions to confront new mysteries in Terror in Venice .

Explore the deadly secrets and conspiracies of a city caught in the struggles between good and evil. Discover the Terror in Venice .