Did you see that goblin riding a pogo stick, Bob? I didn’t know that was legal!

He certainly doesn’t care, Jim. We’ve had more fouls and penalties this season than the last eight combined.

Well, the goblins are certainly keeping things interesting, but we’ll see if Nurgle’s Rotters can provide some competition for our match today!

The Blood Bowl tournament season heats up with the addition of the Foul Play expansion to Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game ! The Putrid Players’ Guild has joined the Team Managers’ Union, bringing along three new teams eager to try their might and skill in the Blood Bowl, along with plenty of Star Players. Whether you’re managing goblins, Chaos Dwarfs, or the abominations of Nurgle, you’ll find plenty of sneaky tricks and deliberate fouls.

There’s more than just new teams in this expansion, however. In an effort to crack down on rampant cheating, Blood Bowl officials have begun dealing out penalties. Thankfully, a thoroughly corrupt ref will be walking the field as well, moving from matchup to matchup and helping you and your team cheat your way to victory. Another addition from this expansion is ten different Blood Bowl stadiums. These stadiums can bring in extra fans, but some of them have highly peculiar rules that you’ll be forced to obey.

In addition to these features, you’ll find team upgrades for every team, fourteen staff upgrades, Spike! Magazine cards, and all the materials you need to play Blood Bowl: Team Manager with five players. The fight for the Blood Bowl is about to become more hectic and unpredictable than ever before!

The Putrid Players’ Guild

Aspiring team managers will find plenty to work with the new teams from the Putrid Players’ Guild. Before you face them on the pitch, it’d be best to get to know some of the new additions to this year’s Blood Bowl competition!

The Zharr-Naggrund Ziggurats : The Chaos Dwarfs are masters of destruction and revenge. Not even being downed can stop these players from fouling their opponents. With thick skulls and packs of intimidating centaurs, this team is all about victory, even in the face of death. They always fight to the last breath, and sometimes even beyond.

The Lowdown Rats : Blood Bowl is known for its fair share of sleazy players, but these goblins take the cake, bringing chainsaws, bombs, and pogo sticks to any given game. The Lowdown Rats never even consider fighting fair. They play to win by any means, but failing that, total mayhem will suffice.

Nurgle’s Rotters : The Nurgle players are a vile bunch, constantly spreading disease and oozing their way to victory. They can even turn opponents into additional Nurgle players! With disease tokens that lower other players’ Star Power, the team can only be compared to an unstoppable plague.

Define Cheating

In the Foul Play expansion, the officials behind Blood Bowl begin handing out penalties to ensure that cheating is properly recognized. Managers can receive penalties from new cheating tokens, but other effects, such as losing the Goblin Tribal Leeg tournament, also grant penalties. Penalties are almost universally bad news for you, with consequences ranging from losing fans to losing players and upgrade cards. As you head into a new season, you’ll have to figure out how to dodge your fair share of penalties.

Fortunately, you’ll be able to get away with more cheating than ever with the aid of a corrupt ref! Whenever you commit a player to a matchup where the corrupt ref is watching, that player immediately receives one face-up cheating token. Although the cheating token won’t resolve until when it would normally be revealed, you’ll have the advantage of knowing what’s coming to plan accordingly. After your player receives his face-up cheating token, the corrupt ref moves to a different matchup, moving a number of spaces equal to your player’s Star Power. Wherever the corrupt ref stops, you can be sure to expect an increase in all manner of cheating, fouls, and underhanded behavior.

Another change for this season of Blood Bowl: Team Manager , your team will finally be able to compete in the stadiums that house your games of Blood Bowl. Wherever you travel, you’ll find an entirely new experience waiting in the stadiums. Stadiums provide a location for your highlights, offering bonus payouts for your team and enforcing their own house rules for Blood Bowl. Some stadiums, like the Bilbali Harbor, ban certain tackling, passing, or other skills from being used. Others, such as the White Wolf Stadium, impose strict limits on the number of players per side. The Ghrond Gridiron and other stadiums even require players to adhere to a minimum or maximum Star Power. Of course, you can always break the rules, but each time you do, you’ll take a penalty. No matter where you meet your opponents for a game of Blood Bowl, you’re sure to find plenty of new options in the stadiums from the Foul Play expansion.

Are you ready for a season more foul than ever before? With stadiums, penalties, corrupt refs, and new teams, the Foul Play expansion for Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game changes the Blood Bowl tournament season forever.