“We make our own laws, now. Our own justice…we’re not a civilization anymore. We are a gang.”
  –Lee Adama

The battered remnants of humanity continue the search for a safe place to call home. While their former captors continue to pursue them, the men and women of the Colonial Fleet find themselves haunted by the past. The struggle for survival has resulted in sacrifices, compromises, and grave errors. But when put to the test, will they be able to overcome their own painful secrets and stand together?

The Exodus Expansion for Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game brings players to the next chapter of the popular Syfy series. In addition to more characters, Destination, Crisis, Super Crisis, Loyalty, Quorum, and Skill Cards, this expansion offers three exciting new options for play that may be used in any combination. Create the Battlestar Galactica experience you want!

Conflicted Loyalties
One of the central elements of Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game is the Loyalty Card, which creates a constant state of paranoia. In Exodus , this confusion and mistrust is intensified. With the Conflicted Loyalties option, players can choose to include two new types of loyalty cards, ensuring that everyone has his own agenda.

The Final Five Loyalty Cards have negative effects that are triggered if that card is exposed to any other player (for example, as the result of Baltar's special ability). Since these cards are all “You Are Not A Cylon” cards, players that have them will encourage other human players to avoid looking. At the same time, an unrevealed Cylon player might use the same argument to cover his own tracks. Who will you trust?

The Personal Goal Loyalty Cards are also “You Are Not A Cylon” cards that impart certain tasks to their holder. Succeed in your appointed task, and humanity will be rewarded. Fail, and negative consequences will follow. Unfortunately, these tasks will often arouse suspicion among your companions, as they can seem damaging to the fleet. Can you complete your seemingly detrimental personal goal, the whole time convincing your fellow humans that it's for their own good?

The Cylon Fleet
Exodus features a brand new game board that keeps the threat of Cylon ships ever-present, even if they aren't currently surrounding Galactica. While the fleet enjoys a momentary lull between attacks, the Cylons are actually gathering on a second board, raising their own "pursuit track" as they prepare for another assault. With fewer precious moments of rest, humanity will need to stay on constant guard.

Luckily, the CAG is ready to lead Galactica's pilots against this growing threat. The new CAG Title Card (complete with a "chain of command" like that of the president and admiral) will allow one player to take command of the unmanned Vipers much more efficiently, and to make key decisions on several new Crisis cards. Good hunting, pilots!

The Ionian Nebula
The fleet is made up of diverse personalities, each with his or her own strengths, weaknesses, and hidden agendas. With the Ionian Nebula option, these important people appear as allies, and can be encountered by visiting locations on Galactica. But beware! The Cylons can influence these non-player characters, compelling them to produce negative effects when encountered.

With the Ionian Nebula option, the Colonial Fleet becomes a living, breathing community. Manage humanity's needs carefully... or infighting will leave you vulnerable to the Cylons!

 . . .

Keep checking back as we reveal more details on Exodus ! Later this winter, humanity may finally conquer the Cylons... if they can conquer their own demons first.