The youngest of the Great Houses, born during the Wars of Conquest. Its founder, Orys Baratheon, was rumored to be Aegon the Dragon’s bastard brother. Orys rose through the ranks to become one of Aegon’s fiercest commanders. When he defeated and slew Argilac the Arrogant, the last Storm King, Aegon rewarded him with Argilac’s castle, lands, and daughter. Orys took the girl to bride, and adopted the banner, honors, and words of her line. The Baratheon sigil is a crowned stag, black, on a golden field. Their words are Ours is the Fury.
      - A Game of Thrones , George R.R. Martin

For the first time, the forces of House Baratheon take to the field of battle in Battles of Westeros to defend their claim on the Iron Throne. The army of the crowned stag unleashes their fury in the growing struggle for power in Westeros in the House Baratheon Army Expansion .

The massive House Baratheon Army Expansion includes everything you need to field a mighty Baratheon army, along with new battle plans and even the first Epic Battle for Battles of Westeros . With over 100 detailed miniatures, including eight able commanders and six dependable unit types, the Baratheon army is ready wage war. What's more, this expansion also contains rules for Alliance battles that allow up to eight players to join the unrelenting struggle.

Cunning leaders and powerful units

Providing a wealth of tactical options, the House Baratheon Army Expansion contains eight loyal commanders. King of the Seven Kingdoms, Robert Baratheon crushes his opponents with his formidable warhammer. Such is his might with this weapon, he can scatter entire blocks of enemies. Renly and Stannis Baratheon are cunning leaders capable of manipulating their House’s morale, and when working in collaboration, they can skillfully dispose of their opponents. These commanders are joined by the mysterious Melisandre and other notable Baratheon allies.

Charge into battle with six unique units featuring new keyword abilities. The Stormland Smugglers use Stealth to move in and deliver crippling attacks before their foes can react, and the Rainwood Rangers have the Tree Archer ability that allows them to swiftly move through the forest, using it to their advantage. These are just a taste of the potent units and abilities available to aid House Baratheon in battle.

More battle plans and introducing Epic Battles

Test your skills as a Baratheon commander with eight new battles plans. Whether it’s a Raid on the Rainwood or an Assault from Crakehall, each scenario is inspired by events from the A Song of Ice and Fire series. In addition to the battle plans, this expansion has two skirmish cards and fourteen skirmish setup cards, so you can quickly create new battles in the Seven Kingdoms. However you want to fight for the Iron Throne, you’ll find the tools you need in this expansion.

The Battle of Blackwater is the first Epic Battle in Battles of Westeros . Recreating the pivotal battle from A Clash of Kings , this scenario is fought over multiple stages, and as the battle progresses, new units, commanders, objectives and special rules are introduced into the frenzied struggle. Dominate the most stages of the Epic Battle and gain glory and respect for your House.

The Epic Battle of Blackwater takes place on the beautiful Blackwater map board. Featuring the fortified city of King's Landing, this map challenges players with new strategic elements. Defend the city with catapults, set enemy ships ablaze with wildfire, and access a secret door to move your defenses in and out of the city. These enticing mechanics add strategic depth and flavor to your battles.

Gather your friends for a massive Allied battle! With this expansion, up to eight players can clash on the field of battle under the leadership of a Lord commanding a primary House. Each remaining players act as bannermen controlling one or more of the armies commanders. With the Allied battle rules, you and your bannermen can recreate the largest confrontations from the A Song of Fire and Ice series or create your own.

Guide House Baratheon to glory with the House Baratheon Army Expansion . This expansion contains everything you'll need to become a legend in the George R.R. Martin’s Westeros.