Doug Kinney

2012 X-Wing™ World Champion

“Have fun!”
    –Doug Kinney

X-Wing™ World Champion Doug Kinney (right) receives his award.

Who is Doug Kinney?

The 2012 X-Wing™ World Champion, Doug Kinney started playing at Celebration 6. He and his wife spent time with the FFG employees conducting demos and ended up picking up a Core Set and several single starfighter expansions before returning home to Ankeny, Iowa.

In the Des Moines area, Doug refined his skills and his World Championship Imperial squadron during games with his core play group.

  • X-Wing™ World Champion – 2012

In His Own Words:

I am an electrician by trade and live in Ankeny, Iowa with my wife and son. I’ve been a Star Wars fan since I saw the first movie in 1977. The first several times I saw the movie, my Dad would read me the opening crawl; by about the fifth time we saw the movie, I was reading it to him!

On Running TIE Swarm Tactics:

During the 2012 X-Wing World Championship Tournament, Doug ran a squad with five TIE fighters and one TIE Advanced. He paired his three Academy Pilots and one Obsidian Squadron Pilot with Darth Vader and “Howlrunner,” both of whom were upgraded with Swarm Tactics.

Doug’s strategy was to get as many successful attack dice against his opponents as quickly as possible. To do that, he would keep all his ships within “Range 1” of “Howlrunner,” to the best of his ability, in order to gain maximum benefit from the pilot’s ability to grant friendly attackers a die re-roll.

Doug explains, “in order to keep my fighters within ‘Range 1’ of ‘Howlrunner,’ I needed to devise a set-up and first maneuver that would work.” He would position his Academy Pilots and Obsidian Squadron Pilot in a square, ready to move straight forward. Then, in order to navigate through the tight spaces created by asteroids, he would set up Darth Vader and “Howlrunner” to the sides of the squadron, facing the lower-skilled TIEs, then have them swoop in on a bank maneuver and follow into position as his squadron advanced toward the enemy.

Because his skill “1” Academy Pilots would typically move first each round, he would use them to “block,” disrupting his opponents’ maneuvers and actions. Then, the fact that Doug equipped both Darth Vader and “Howlrunner” with Swarm Tactics meant that he would have four ships firing near the beginning of the combat phase.

Doug Kinney selects a maneuver during the 2012 X-Wing finals.

On the 2012 World Championship Finals:

In the finals, Doug faced off against Nick Stanton, whom he had played earlier in the day. Though the tournament’s field was almost evenly split between Rebel and Imperial squadrons, Nick was the only Rebel player Doug faced on the day.

Doug set up his squad and launched into his standard opening maneuvers. In short order, both squads started taking shots at each other, and the first combat round saw the destruction of Wedge Antilles’ X-wing as well as the TIE fighter piloted by Doug’s “Howlrunner.” Those talented pilots had been at the center of the competitors’ strategies, so the game took a different shape after their destruction.

Doug went after the Y-wing Nick had outfitted with an Ion Cannon and destroyed it. Then, after Doug turned his attack toward Nick’s Rookie Pilots, damaging one X-wing and destroying another, Nick realized the match was over and conceded.

Doug said, “He was a good sport and a great guy. I look forward to playing against all of my new friends again next year.”