Fly at full throttle. Blast through asteroids and debris fields. Pummel your foes with big guns. The fifth wave of X-Wing starship expansions has arrived!

Now available at retailers everywhere, X-Wing Wave V consists of the Rebel YT-2400 Freighter Expansion Pack and the Imperial VT-49 Decimator Expansion Pack.

Altogether, Wave V introduces two large-base ships, six unique pilots, and a war chest’s worth of new upgrades that include such notable crew members as Dash Rendar , Lando Calrissian , Mara Jade , and Moff Jerjerrod . Additionally, Wave V marks the arrival of the game’s first World Champion cards, Dash Rendar and Stay on Target , and both of its ships come with punishing turret weapons that are bound to obliterate many smaller starfighters in battles across the galaxy!

A New Imperial Tactic

In several ways, the VT-49 Decimator flies in the face of standard Imperial tactics. It is the first Imperial starship to feature a turret weapon capable of firing in a full 360-degree arc, and where most Imperial starships feature little or no shielding, but demand that their pilots make good use of their tremendous agility, the Decimator has absolutely zero agility. Instead, it features a whopping four shields and twelve hull.

Naturally, the result of such a unique ship design is the potential for unique, new squadron designs, and the introduction of the VT-49 Decimator may single-handedly herald the introduction of a new Imperial archetype.

A 360-degree view of the VT-49 Decimator

The standard by which Imperial squadrons have long been judged is the TIE swarm, a venerable and perennially successful X-Wing squadron archetype whose origins date back to the release of the Core Set and TIE Fighter Expansion Pack . Indeed, it may be the game’s single most important archetype to-date, and it relies upon the same numerical superiority and efficient starfighters that first drew the Empire toward swarm tactics.

Apart from “Howlrunner,” who enhances all her wingmates, TIE swarms don’t rely upon famous pilots and their unique abilities. You can just take any non-unique pilot, even one fresh out of the Academy, and sit them in the cockpit. From there, you let the TIE’s natural efficiency take over. With their two attack dice, three agility, and three hull, TIE fighters piloted by Academy Pilots are right near (or at) the top of X-Wing efficiency.

They are also extremely limited in their versatility and prone to one-shot obliteration. TIE swarms also tend to get picked apart once skillful players whittle down their numbers and force them to split their fire between multiple targets. When you face a TIE swarm, you more or less know what sort of tricks and tactics you’re going to see over the course of a game.

By contrast, the VT-49 Decimator offers an immense amount of customization, both among its pilots and with its upgrades. The abilities of the Decimator’s pilots suggest wildly different tactics. Whereas Rear Admiral Chiraneau gains performs best while keeping his foes at a distance, Captain Oicunn prefers to slam straight into them.

Similarly, the expansion’s crew members do everything from helping to keep the ship from exploding, like Moff Jerjerrod and Ysanne Isard , to encouraging you to engage multiple foes at Range 1 at the same time, like Mara Jade.

Indeed, the Decimator benefits from a vast array of options permitted by its three crew slots, its ability to equip a torpedo and a bomb, and the talents of its three unique pilots, as well as any elite pilot talents they can utilize. Altogether, they mean there’s absolutely no reason that any two Decimators should ever need to pursue the same course of action. Like the TIE phantom, whose pilots have inspired fear in squadrons who may never even face them, the VT-49 Decimator is bound to shake up the X-Wing metagame. It’s not just a powerful, resilient, hard-hitting starship; it’s a threat that the Empire can now wield like a club.

For more information about the VT-49 Decimator and its upgrades, you can read our preview article, “Ruthlessness and Intimidation.”

Fly Where You Want

The YT-2400 is a remarkable addition to X-Wing and the Rebel fleet for two key reasons:

A 360-degree view of the YT-2400

Naturally, these two key component’s of the ship’s identity play off of each other, and they go a long ways toward describing its personality. Piloted most famously by the renowned smuggler Dash Rendar , the YT-2400 is a highly maneuverable vessel that excels at getting safely out of tight places. Its maneuver dial is loaded with banks and turns, including two three-speed turns that it can use to race out of an opponent’s path.

The YT-2400's maneuver dial.

It makes sense that a smuggler would want to get out of harm’s way, but X-Wing is a game of skirmishes in which you’ll want to get your ships into battle. Here, the YT-2400’s maneuverability and barrel roll make it a fantastic flanker, especially if you equip it with an Engine Upgrade . In such circumstances, the YT-2400 can start on the opposite edge of the table from the rest of your squadron but still rush to their aid when the shots start flying. Meanwhile, if you give your YT-2400 the Outrider upgrade, it can attack with a Heavy Laser Cannon for no fewer than four dice from as far out as Range “3,” and your opponent won’t benefit from any additional defense dice.

Of course, as soon as your opponent realizes that his ships are bound to suffer four-dice attacks from your Outrider , he’s likely to send his ships toward it. In fact, anytime you run the Outrider Title your opponent is likely going to aim to get within Range “1” of your YT-2400 so that his attacks will gain extra dice, and yours won’t be able to attack at all.

This is where the YT-2400’s barrel roll comes in truly handy. Even with the new barrel roll rules for large ships that the YT-2400 Freight Expansion Pack introduces to the game, a large-base ship like the Outrider can perform a barrel roll to move one complete range increment laterally and nearly half a range increment backward or forward.

Use your barrel rolls wisely, and your opponent may soon decide to turn his ships back toward the rest of your fleet!

Meanwhile, even though its YT-2400 miniature and Outrider Title are the main highlights of the YT-2400 Expansion Pack, there’s plenty more in the box to strengthen your Rebel fleet (or even your Imperial fleet)!

For more information about the YT-2400 Freighter Expansion Pack, you can read our previews, “Stay on Target,” “Dash Rendar,” and “Blast into Action.”

Go to Battle, Guns Blazing!

Conquer the battlefields of X-Wing by harnessing the new ships, tactics, and technology introduced by the YT-2400 Freighter Expansion Pack and VT-49 Decimator Expansion Pack. Be sure to get your copies. Head to your local retailer today!

X-Wing is a tactical ship-to-ship combat game in whi ch players take control of powerful rebel X-wings and nimble Imperial TIE Fighters, facing them against each other in fast-paced space combat. Featuring stunningly detailed and painted miniatures, X-Wing recreates Star Wars’ exciting space battles. Select your crew, plan your maneuvers, and complete your mission!

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