As new armies march to war, the Old World trembles…

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Hammer and Hold and Legions of Darkness , the first two expansions for Warhammer: Diskwars !

Each of these expansions bolsters your army-building options with fifty or more disks and ten new command cards. New tokens, terrain, deployment cards, and scenario cards add further diversity to your battles in the Old World. Most importantly, however, is the fact that each of these expansions introduces three new factions to the game, even as it reinforces the game’s existing armies:

As new armies join the fray, and the existing nations call up new reinforcements, Hammer and Hold and Legions of Darkness give new shape to all the blood and fury of the Old World’s battles, bringing them to your games of Warhammer: Diskwars .

Hammer and Hold

“A Dwarf army is like a well-crafted mail shirt; each warrior is an iron-hard link, knitted together by duty, honour, and loyalty. And, like a mail shirt, never a blow shall pass them as long as all the links remain strong.”
    –Dwarf saying

Hammer and Hold adds fifty disks to the forces of Order, including heroes and units for the Wood Elves, Lizardmen, and Dwarfs. Along with these disks, and the regiments they can form, come new rules for Poison and the powerful keywords, Guard X and Stalwart.

Still, it’s the Dwarfs that are the true stars of Hammer and Hold , and the expansion comes with enough Dwarf heroes and units to muster three full regiments. Fueled by a host of ancient grudges, these tough and stalwart warriors guard their holds and press the fight to their enemies with axes, hammers, runes, and war machines. Dwarf troops stand among the game’s toughest units, and their heroes’ abilities and command cards allow them to rise to the challenges of any fight.

Legions of Darkness

“And they will rise from their graves to march upon the world of the living. Each and every mortal that falls will swell their numbers until only a world of darkness remains. Only then will the world know of the eternal order that lies within the peace of Undeath.”
    –Taken from The Grimoire Necronium, chapter XII, The book of Wsoran

The Dwarfs, Wood Elves, and Lizardmen of Hammer and Hold will need every ounce of courage they can muster to stand in battle against the endless tides of undead at the command of the Vampire Counts appearing in Legions of Darkness !

Legions of Darkness introduces a terrifying array of fifty-one new heroes and units, as well as new command cards and other resources designed to bolster the game’s forces of Destruction. The Dark Elves and Skaven each gain a hero and enough units to form a regiment, but the expansion’s most fearsome threat comes in the form of its new Vampire Counts heroes and units, as well as the Fear and Reanimate X keywords they bear.

Naturally, Legions of Darkness features enough dread necromancy to tempt even the most casual of players with the awesome powers available to those who can manipulate the very essences of life and death. Vampire Counts command cards heavily reward Casters, as do those for the Dark Elves, Skaven, Orcs, and Chaos.

New Armies at Your Command

Whether you decide to inspire your Dwarfs to fight for Hammer and Hold until the very last foe has fallen, or you choose to play as one of the Vampire Counts, combing the Old World’s carnage for more troops to raise and add to your Legions of Darkness , these expansions will soon bring new tactics, strategies, and troops to the Old World’s bloodiest battlefields.

Hammer and Hold and Legions of Darkness are scheduled to arrive at retailers everywhere late in the second quarter of 2014. Until then, keep your eyes open for previews of the new heroes, troops, commands, and armies that these expansions will add to the brutal, tactical battles of Warhammer: Diskwars!

Warhammer: Diskwars is an epic game of heroes, armies, and brutal warfare for 2 - 4 players. At the game's heart art its disks, which represent heroes and units from the Old World. These maneuver across the battlefield by flipping end over end, and if any two disks overlap at the end of the round, they must fight!

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