“The device inside the case resembled a mechanical typewriter with a rudimentary illuminated display, but the symbols on the keys were from no language that he had ever seen. They were od d, curved runes and they seemed to squirm and shift as he attempted to read them. The unusual firelight came from a series of crystalline discs arranged in a line above th e keys. They whispered as they turned, counter-rotating against one another, throwing off the crimson glow from deep within their quartz-like structure. They floated without any me chanism to suspend them, tiny ticks of energy passing back and forth. He found it physically difficult to pull his gaze away from the discs; he was mesmerized by the play of light and color they gave off.”

A Weapon of Unthinkable Power

In the dark and war-weary world of Tannhäuser , it’s 1954, and the Great War rages on. Now, the European Reich has developed a weapon of horrific power. The Enigma machine is capable of turning regular civilians into demonic super-soldiers. This device could leave the fate of humanity in the hands of the Reich. Can RAF pilot Nick Cross and Special Agent Caitlin “Hoax” Lambsbury recover the device for the Union?

In January, we announced the release of Enigma , written by James Swallow. Today, we will share a sneak preview of the first chapter, in which the Enigma machine and its horrifying implications are unveiled.

Download the first chapter (pdf, 93 KB), and find yourself drawn into the thrilling Tannhäuser universe. Then, check back soon for the official release of Enigma !

Enigma is a Tannhäuser novel by James Swallow. When the occult-obsessed Reich unveils a weapon with the power to imbue grant its army demonic powers, RAF pilot Nick Cross and special agent Caitlin “Hoax” Lambsbury must join forces with unlikely allies to capture the device at any cost. In the face of overwhelming odds, can these two agents survive long enough to complete their mission? Prepare for a gripping battle to determine the fate of the world!

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