Ancient Greece is experiencing a bout of unheard of prosperity. The gods shower mortals with their favor, culture abounds in each metropolis, and buildings are being erected in new, bustling city-states all across Greece. Take on the role of the ruler of one of these blossoming city-states in the game of Olympus , on sale now in our webstore and at your local retailer!

Become a Prosperous Power in the Ancient World

Olympus rewards player interaction and encourages flexibility and adaptation as players attempt to balance their city-state’s population growth, cultural contributions, military might, and appeals to higher powers.

Carefully guide your city-state to greatness by making decisions that govern how your metropolis will grow and flourish, but beware the might of your fellow player’s military forces or the fickle nature of the gods.

Lay the groundwork of your plans for creating a civilization to be proud of by downloading the rules for Olympus from our support page . Once you’ve braced yourself to lead your people to prosperity in Ancient Greece, purchase your copy of Olympus from your local retailer!

Olympus is a deeply strategic board game of civilization-building, commerce, and conquest for 3-5 players. Players oversee the governance of rival city-states and vie for the favors of the gods. To rise to power in the Peloponnesus, players must win the blessings of Greek gods and goddesses, master the game's many paths to glory, and skillfully navigate its dynamic interaction.

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