The ancient Grecian city-states are seeing unprecedented growth! The rules for Olympus , the board game of state-building in ancient Greece, are now available on our support page .

Olympus Rules (pdf, 2.9 MB) 

Leading a Grecian city-state to greatness is no small feat. Players must balance the tasks of developing and managing a budding civilization while fending off potential aggression from their neighbors’ rival city-states and attempting to get into the good graces of the gods and goddesses.

Olympus rewards player interaction and encourages flexibility and adaptation as players attempt to balance their city-state’s population growth, cultural contributions, military might, and appeals to higher powers. Download the rules today, and begin to formulate your city-state’s path to greatness in Olympus !

Olympus is a deeply strategic board game of civilization-building, commerce, and conquest for 3-5 players. Players oversee the governance of rival city-states and vie for the favors of the gods. To rise to power in the Peloponnesus, players must win the blessings of Greek gods and goddesses, master the game's many paths to glory, and skillfully navigate its dynamic interaction.

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