In Ancient Greece, the city-state was a thriving center of population, culture, and commerce. The names of these great places echo through the halls of history: Thebes, Sparta, Athens. Each competed with its neighbors for power and glory. They grew, advanced their cultures, erected magnificent buildings and temples, and warred against each other.

Players oversee the governance of rival city-states in Olympus . We are pleased to announce that this deeply strategic board game of civilization-building for 3-5 players will be available through Fantasy Flight Games by the end of second quarter 2012!

In Olympus , each player must grow a bustling metropolis, safeguard its people, and guide their worship of the various gods and goddesses of Olympus. You will require the favor of these divine beings if you hope to become the ruling power of the Peloponnesus.

Culture and war

Olympus offers rich, dynamic gameplay that drives forward based solely upon player decisions. Layered with exciting possibilities, Olympus allows you the chance to reveal the greatness of your leadership to the world. A true leader must carefully balance the growth of your city-state’s population, its cultural significance, its worship of twelve different deities, and the construction of the buildings that line its streets. Strike the right balance, and you’ll soon find yours the pre-eminent metropolis of ancient Greece!

However, you must also be wary of other city-states and the threats they pose to you. City-states with poor defenses may prove vulnerable to more militant neighbors, and leaders who encourage all their city’s priests to lead fertility and agricultural rituals may be unprepared for the spread of a virulent plague!

Unlike many similar games, Olympus offers true incentives for players to wage war on their neighbors… as well as ample reasons to secure strong military defenses. The result is that Olympus rewards player interaction, and it encourages players to adapt flexible strategies. While you may enter the game fully aware of all the options the game holds in store, you’ll constantly be forced to anticipate and adapt to your opponents’ actions.

Visionary leadership

It is an exciting time for the Grecian city-states as they enjoy growth at an astonishing rate. The gods have been good, and the independent cities experience cultural revolution, exploding populations, and rapid military growth. Still, as these city-states grow and establish rivalries, vying against the others for the favor of the gods, only one can rise above the others to become the ruling power of the Peloponnesus. Will it be yours?

Olympus will be available through Fantasy Flight Games by the end of second quarter 2012.

Olympus is a deeply strategic board game of civilization-building, commerce, and conquest for 3-5 players. Players oversee the governance of rival city-states and vie for the favors of the gods. To rise to power in the Peloponnesus, players must win the blessings of Greek gods and goddesses, master the game's many paths to glory, and skillfully navigate its dynamic interaction.

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