Sometimes the particulars of intergalactic wheeling and dealing can get lost in the rush of record profits, so Merchant of Venus designer Rob Kouba is here to give you the rundown of some of the finer financial points:

Greetings Merchant of Venus fans! We have compiled a new Errata & FAQ document based on your most frequently submitted questions. This document covers both the standard and classic games in separate sections.

Standard game errata includes solo setup information and a clarification about the timing of fees in the solo game as well as what to do if you begin your turn on a navigation space.

Frequently Asked Questions cover everything from correct drive usage to Encounter card hazard checks to the timing of variable laser/shield use.

These are answers to the most popular questions submitted to us through our website. We appreciate all the feedback and comments and hope this document provides you with a better play experience. We will continue to collect popular questions and update the answers given in this document.

Thanks for your continued support!

-Rob Kouba

Thanks Rob! The Errata & FAQ (pdf, 672 KB) can be downloaded from the Merchant of Venus Support page. Brush up on the nitty-gritty of interstellar commerce and set out on a race to riches in Merchant of Venus !

Discover new alien cultures and get rich selling their goods in Merchant of Venus , the board game of space exploration and interstellar trade for one to four players! Featuring a double-sided board, Merchant of Venus presents both Richard Hamblen's beloved classic and a newly reimagined design by Rob Kouba.

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