In the fall of 2011, both Fantasy Flight Games and Stronghold Games announced separate plans to re-publish Merchant of Venus , the exciting game of interstellar trade and exploration. Now, we are pleased to offer an update: a favorable resolution has been reached regarding the publication of this beloved game! Today, both publishers jointly announced that FFG will proceed to publish its new edition of Merchant of Venus , while Stronghold's version of the game will be cancelled. Stronghold will act as a consultant on FFG’s version of the game, bringing some of their creative vision to the final release.

Ultimately, a Win-Win

“This was a difficult and confusing situation,” said Christian T. Petersen, CEO of Fantasy Flight Games. “All parties involved clearly had the best intentions in mind for the game, and none sought to cause damage to the other company. After a period of discussion and discovery, I’m thrilled that all parties now have clarity on the situation. I want to express my gratitude to WOTC for their assistance in this matter, and especially to Stephen Buonocore, the President of Stronghold Games, who has been both professional and practical in untangling this issue.”

“While this was an unfortunate situation for all parties, everyone is a winner in the end,” said Stephen M. Buonocore, President of Stronghold Games.  “Fantasy Flight Games and Stronghold Games have forged a great bond that will last long after this event.  In the face of crisis, Christian Petersen was a true leader who worked tirelessly to resolve the matter, and I am very thankful to him for that. The WOTC team was also instrumental in getting this done smoothly, and they too should be lauded.  And above all, gamers worldwide are the biggest winners, since they will have this great game back in print, published by a great company, Fantasy Flight Games."

Fire Up Your Engines

FFG's new version of Merchant of Venus will arrive at stores in fall 2012, and will feature both the classic game design by Richard Hamblen and an updated game inspired by the original, and designed by FFG’s Rob Kouba. Stronghold Games is in discussion with Richard Hamblen with regard to other game designs, both old and new ones, which they hope to publish in 2013.

Check back in the weeks leading up to the release of Merchant of Venus, when our series of detailed previews will take a closer look at its engaging mechanics and compelling gameplay options. Until then, learn more on our description page , and prepare to claim the galaxy's profits this fall!

Discover new alien cultures and get rich selling their goods in Merchant of Venus , the board game of space exploration and interstellar trade for one to four players! Featuring a double-sided board, Merchant of Venus presents both Richard Hamblen's beloved classic and a newly reimagined design by Rob Kouba.

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