/Intercepted Transmission/ 09.12.2315. ::0010101110110111000100000111… harness indiginous fungoids, crystallines, and rubium dragons to stake our lunar claim. Troops should anticipate attempted incursions from Ares Inc., Black Helix Industries, and The Galactic Syndicate. Repel all enemy forces with extreme prejudice. Lethal force authorized… /End Transmission/

Scientists from Black Helix Industries have broken Zyborg Technologies’ code. Aware of Zyborg’s intentions to explore and mine a remote, alien moon suspected to be rich with rubium, Black Helix quickly plan their own expedition. Word travels through the rubium industry, and two other corporations move to seize control of the rare energy source needed to power all of humanity’s most advanced technologies.

In Nexus Ops , Black Helix Industries and the other corporations vying for control of this moon’s vast resources have prepared their forces for military action, and each corporation hands its troops similar commands: Explore the moon, subjugate its indigenous species, mine its rubium, and destroy all enemy forces.

Rules of engagement

Today, the codes used by each of the four corporations of Nexus Ops have been cracked, and we offer their rules of engagement for your review (pdf, 5.6 MB).

The rules for Nexus Ops are also available on the game’s support page and take you through each phase of a player’s turn. The turn sequence may be easy to understand, but you’ll need to adapt your strategies during the chaos of battle!

Secret missions

In Nexus Ops , players score points by winning battles and meeting the conditions of their Secret Missions cards. The first player to twelve points wins the game, so each corporation is under pressure from its CEO to keep the battle pressed against its rivals. In the standard game, Secret Mission cards represent underlying corporate interests that players must pursue simultaneous with their efforts at lunar domination. Players each draw one Secret Mission card each turn and can play them for their point values whenever they meet the cards’ requirements.

One of the eleven optional game variants in Nexus Ops is Intercepted Transmissions, which offers a new take on your Secret Mission cards. Instead of drawing Secret Mission cards and keeping them hidden, facedown, from your opponents’ eyes, players draw multiple Secret Mission cards into a Transmission Line, which remains faceup. This variant creates interesting strategies as players can choose from more immediate courses of action to pursue from the game’s outset, including the option to work against their opponents’ fulfillment of their faceup Secret Mission cards.

Learn more about Secret Mission cards, lunar exploration, alien species, and the intense battles of Nexus Ops by downloading the rules (pdf, 5.6 MB) now. Then head to your local retailer to pre-order your copy!

Nexus Ops is a frenzied board game of fierce battles and fantastic alien creatures. Two to four players control factions of corporate troops and indigenous life forms on an alien moon. Players deploy troops from their home base to explore the moon, mine resources, purchase troops, win battles, and fulfill missions to win the game.

Nexus Ops is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast LLC in the U.S.A. and other countries. Game images (c) 2011 Hasbro.
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