Aviliana’s slippers made no sound as she stalked her quarry down the stone corridor. At the intersection ahead of her, the boggart chittered to itself and shifted the treasure on its shoulders. With a shout of command, Aviliana sprang forward, beating her leathery wings to cover the distance in an instant. The boggart vanished before her clutching fingers. Again. As Aviliana picked herself up, a furious snorting behind her suggested she had bigger problems than catching boggarts.

Just when it seemed like your magical duels couldn’t become more chaotic, rampaging minotaurs, trickster genies, and fiery drakes arrive to prove you wrong. The advent of six strange and exotic creatures in the Bestial Forces expansion for Wiz-War makes your battles in the labyrinth more intense than ever. Whether you grant yourself the powers of the beasts, or summon these creatures to do your will, you’ll find new magic in Bestial Forces .

You’ll find more than just creatures in this expansion, however: three new schools of magic await wizards of every kind. In today’s preview, we’ll explore the Mythology school of magic, and the monstrous beasts and relics you command when you master this school’s spells.

Creatures Born of Magic

The creatures from folklore and ancient myths that fill the Mythology school of magic open plenty of new opportunities for claiming victory, whether you steal treasure or fight to vanquish your opponents. You can summon a creature by playing the corresponding Magic card, but a price must be paid. To give life to your creature, you must roll the four-sided die and take damage equal to the result minus one. Any damage you take is added to the creature’s base life, which is found on the right border of its Magic card. Once you’ve taken the damage, the creature is placed adjacent to you on the game board, ready to do your bidding.

To send your wild minion into the maze to do your bidding, you must activate the creature by spending two movement points during your turn. Activating your creature allows it to move throughout the labyrinth, attack other wizards, and defend your treasures. When activated, a creature may move spaces equal to its base move, which is shown on the left border of the corresponding Magic card. A creature can also attack during its activation, either by using an ability shown on its card, or when you cast a creature attack spell.

Of course, the creatures you summon possess drastically different abilities. Some creatures are extremely magical in nature, using spells easily. Calling the genie to your side, for example, increases your hand size and allows you to cast spells as if your wizard were in the genie’s space. Alternatively, a boggart cannot attack, but it can carry treasure on your behalf, and its small size and agility make it adept at evading enemy spells. Others are weapons of brute force, unleashed on the other hapless inhabitants of the labyrinth. When you summon a minotaur , it runs wild through the labyrinth, charging any wizard that enters its line of sight. No matter what creature you summon into the midst of your magical duels, it’s certain to make an impact.

Relics of the Past

You’ll find plenty of new power in this school of magic, in addition to mythological creatures. Bestial Forces introduces a new item type to your arsenal of magical weapons and trinkets: the relic. Relics are items of extraordinary power, granting awe-inspiring abilities to their wielder. Thor’s Hammer gives you a weapon to throw at any obstacle in your way. You can throw Thor’s Hammer at another wizard to deal three damage, or you can use it to destroy a cracked wall or door, allowing you to blast your way through anything that stands in your way. What’s more, Thor’s Hammer always returns to you after being thrown, meaning you can use it again and again.

Ilmarinen’s Astrolabe , on the other hand, allows you to reroll a die once anytime you roll a die. In addition, this item keeps your maintained spells from counting against your hand size, greatly expanding the amount of spells you can have at your disposal. Another relic, the Eye of Horus , can even keep you from suffering any magical damage, safeguarding you from the vast majority of your opponent’s tricks and spells. While you carry a relic, however, you cannot pick up treasure or another relic. Whether you use your relic to get you safely to your opponent’s treasure, or use it to hunt down your opponents, every relic is sure to have a dramatic impact on your magical battles.

Unleash Your Wild Magic

No matter which schools of magic you draw upon, Bestial Forces will change your wizard duels forever. Summon your creatures and gather your relics, and join us next week as we explore the fearsome spells within the Draconic school of magic.

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Deep underground in a magical maze, dueling wizards scheme to steal each other’s treasures during the classic, clever (and sometimes comical) confrontations of Wiz-War ! This classic board game of magical mayhem for 2-4 players pits players’ wizards against each other in a stupendous struggle for magical mastery.

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