Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Bestial Forces , the second expansion for Wiz-War , a chaotic game of wizard duels and frantic spell-casting! Now, a horde of new creatures bursts into the labyrinth, bringing new levels of wild magic to Wiz-War .

You’ll find six unique creatures in this expansion, emerging from three brand-new schools of magic: Mythology, Totem, and Draconic. With new totem creations, powerful relics, and strange energies, Bestial Forces introduces new savagery as your wizards struggle for dominance. Today, Tom Jolly, the original designer of Wiz-War , introduces some of the cards and features you can look forward to in Bestial Forces .

Tom Jolly on Bestial Forces

Bestial Forces turbocharges Wiz-War , adding new dynamic elements to an already intense game. This expansion offers three new schools of magic and a batch of incredible new game mechanics.

If you’ve been anxiously waiting for creatures to appear, wait no longer! They have now been summoned for your amusement. So don’t do the heavy lifting yourself; send the Genie or the Minotaur after your enemies. If that’s not enough for you, you can even grant special attacks to your creatures by casting Flame Breath or another card on one of your creatures.

All three new schools of magic have their pick of creatures. And since the spells from the Mutation school of magic can affect your creatures, you can use those transforming spells on the creatures you summon, turning them into different monsters!

The Schools of Magic

If you wanted to create mind-bogglingly powerful relics in addition to summoning a range of creatures, you’ll find them in the Mythology school of magic. But beware: hanging onto a relic means you can’t pick up treasure, and grabbing a treasure means leaving the relic on the floor for your enemies to grab! Hermes’ Sandals add one die roll of movement every time you move, and Thor’s Hammer invites you to pound any obstacle to dust, but as soon as you drop one of these relics to pick up a treasure, the relic is fair game for any wizard. Your opponents may even cast a spell to tear the relic out of your grasp!

In the Draconic school of magic, you’ll find most of the spells that alter creature or wizard attacks. Give yourself or a creature Dragon Scales to reduce damage dealt to you, use the school’s Flame Breath to incinerate your opponents, or summon the Drake to pester your enemies and safeguard your treasures. You can even use the ancient blood of dragons to regenerate yourself or one of your creatures, repairing your wounds and healing damage.

Finally, you certainly won’t want to miss the Totem school of magic. Each totem placed on the board has its own unique ability: increasing the energy of spells, slowing your opponents, blocking damage, or increasing your line of sight. Each of these effects is only limited by the borders of the totem’s sector. For example, the Spirit of the Wolf significantly boosts your attacks while you’re in the same sector as it. The mysterious abilities of totems actually enhance other totem spells as they are cast. If you’re maintaining the most Totem spells, your enemies cannot block your Feral Strike , while the Wrath of the Ancestors spell grows larger and stronger based on the number of Totem spells you possess!

Bestial Forces interlocks with existing Wiz-War spells and schools of magic in ways limited only by your imagination. You can even surprise your opponents with a specialized spell knowledge: Bestial Forces offers an optional rule for each player to select their own personal school of magic. Cards from your specialized deck are drawn in addition to cards from the shared magic deck, giving your bloodthirsty attacks a personal touch.

Every labyrinth needs a few monsters in it to entertain and threaten the embattled wizards. Bestial Forces lets them in.

Unleash the Creatures

Thanks, Tom!

Creatures are coming to the magical labyrinth. Will you flatten your opponents with Grendel or the Minotaur, or will you use a Genie to maximize your magical prowess? A host of spells wait inside Bestial Forces alongside six magical creatures. Look for this expansion in the third quarter of 2014!

Deep underground in a magical maze, dueling wizards scheme to steal each other’s treasures during the classic, clever (and sometimes comical) confrontations of Wiz-War ! This classic board game of magical mayhem for 2-4 players pits players’ wizards against each other in a stupendous struggle for magical mastery.

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