Talthas ducked under an amber lightning bolt and teleported through the wall into a new corridor. He moved gingerly, favoring his left leg as he wondered where he was now. In the distance, he saw Callista waving her hands and shouting incantations. He dove into an alcove and had the pleasure of seeing a light in the hallway flare brightly, as Callista’s shouts changed to yelps. Obviously something hadn’t gone quite as planned. . .

With the onset of Malefic Curses , the Wiz-War is about to become more wild than ever before. New schools of magic enter the playing field, new energies crackle through the air to fuel spells, and a fifth wizard becomes entangled in your magical battle for dominance. Last time, we looked at the darkness within the Necromancy school of magic, with its deadly attack spells and the ability to restore life to the recently dead. This time, though, things will get a little crazier as we examine random energy and the School of Chaos!

Potential at Best

In Wiz-War , energy powers both spells and movement, allowing you to gain unexpected advantages over your opponents. A major new component of Malefic Curses is random energy, an integral part of the Chaos school of magic. Random energy can potentially create enormous power, but you’ll never know how much until the die is rolled! The true amount of random energy you have is decided by rolling the four-sided die and possibly adding a static modifier to the result.

When random energy is thrown into the mix, you never know quite what you’re going to get. Maybe your wizard tapping random energy will only shoot three fire darts, but maybe she’ll cast seven! Nobody knows until the card is played and the die is thrown. Every card in the Chaos school of magic contains the potential to create random energy, meaning that every spell will soon be unpredictable like never before.

School of Unpredictability

Adherents to the Chaos school of magic must be willing to embrace their own lack of control over their spells. Chaos spells require you to roll with the punches as the effects of the spells may fluctuate greatly when used. Although these spells are often unreliable in their power and effects, they often have the potential to be more powerful than other spells. Because of their unpredictable power level, Chaos spells can be cast as a last-ditch effort, or used to introduce even more randomness to a game of Wiz-War .

For example, although you may cast Flux Shield at will, the protective power of this spell varies based on the roll of a die. As a canny student of Chaos magic, you may Dematerialize to dodge the brunt of an attack, but the direction that your wizard will teleport to escape is completely random, and may even carry your wizard into greater danger!

Chaos attacks are fluid and variable as well, perhaps easily brushed aside, or perhaps causing deadly amounts of damage to your target. An attack like Chaos Claws can only be made against an adjacent opponent, and can cause a variety of powerful effects, ranging from stealing spell cards from your opponent to dealing them magical damage. Not every attack by Chaos is as direct as Chaos Claws though. A spell like Prismatic Storm lets you deal random damage to every other wizard in your sector, but you must take half of the damage yourself. With a powerful attack like Prismatic Storm, you could easily defeat your opponent’s wizards – as long as you were not incapacitated by your own attack!

Some Chaos spells allow you a measure of command over the fate of the die roll, but with other spells, random is the best you can hope for. A Prismatic Mist fills a hallway space with a luminous, glittering fog, with effects that can only be guessed at. Many wizards might enter and take damage or lose movement, but another wizard could be granted the opportunity to expand his magical knowledge by drawing magic cards. Randomness permeates the Chaos school of magic, and though it can yield great rewards, it might offer nothing but disappointment if you depend on it too heavily.

Tap the forces of Chaos to achieve your goals in the labyrinth with Malefic Curses . With canny movement and significant luck, the Chaos school of magic may serve you, but it might also betray you when you need it most. Study the inscrutable twists and turns of Chaos and join us next time, as we examine the ancient art of Hexcraft, with its intricate and powerful hexes. Preorder Malefic Curses at your local retailer today!

Deep underground in a magical maze, dueling wizards scheme to steal each other’s treasures during the classic, clever (and sometimes comical) confrontations of Wiz-War ! This classic board game of magical mayhem for 2-4 players pits players’ wizards against each other in a stupendous struggle for magical mastery.

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