Deep within a haunted manor, a new threat has been created. Skarn is a magical construct infused with life by the death of a high mage, and he possesses the ability to increase his size and strength endlessly by incorporating pieces of his environment. If left unchecked, Skarn could grow large enough to threaten all of Terrinoth with his enormity.

Skarn emerges from the ruined mansion as an agent of the overlord in the Skarn Lieutenant Pack expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition . Within this Lieutenant Pack , you’ll uncover a sculpted plastic figure and a unique, ten-card Plot deck, that allows you to bring Skarn to life beyond the bounds of the Manor of Ravens campaign. (The full rules for Descent Lieutenant Packs can be found on the Descent support page .)

Today, we’ll preview the massive power that you can unleash on Terrinoth through the Skarn Lieutenant Pack .

A Twisted Soul

Skarn’s ten-card Plot deck, Twisted Soul , imparts some of Skarn’s potent defenses to your other monsters. The Plot deck begins with What Doesn’t Kill , a card that you may exhaust whenever a monster suffers one or more damage. If the monster wasn’t defeated by the attack, it recovers a damage, and you mark the monster with a threat token. Every marked monster then adds a brown die to its defense pool, maximizing your monsters’ resistance to the attacks of the heroes.

What Doesn’t Kill also allows you to gain the benefits of other Plot cards that enhance monsters marked by threat tokens. A monster once touched by Skarn’s regeneration is forever changed, as evidenced by the Thick Scars and Bitter Rage Plot cards. Thick Scars gives two additional health to your marked monsters over the course of a quest. Bitter Rage, on the other hand, grants additional damage to every attack performed by a marked monster. By marking your monsters with What Doesn’t Kill, you can quickly bring your monsters to impressive new levels of power.

You can also use the Summon Skarn Plot card to summon Skarn as an agent into any quest. As a powerful guardian and agent of the overlord, Skarn’s ability to repair damage to himself is unmatched in all of Terrinoth.

Hardy Defenses

The power of your presence in Terrinoth grows to enormous levels when you summon Skarn into a quest as your agent. Skarn is powerful in combat, and since he features massive amounts of health and powerful defense dice, destroying him is a formidable task for a band of heroes. Skarn’s surge ability only make him more difficult to defeat. He can spend a surge in combat to activate the Mend 4 ability, recovering four damage as he repairs himself with materials at hand.

In battle, Skarn’s other abilities give you more options for widespread damage. Skarn can spend a surge for extra damage, and Thrash invites you to perform an attack that affects every figure adjacent to Skarn. By combining Skarn’s widespread damage capabilities with his powerful defenses, it’s clear that Skarn excels in the center of a hero party, shaking off blows and spreading his damage far and wide. You can even negate the heroes’ options with the Energy Drain 4 ability. Whenever a hero takes damage from Skarn, you may choose that hero to suffer up to four damage as fatigue instead, reducing the hero’s options for triggering abilities, gaining movement, and resisting your monsters.

Agent of Darkness

After you summon Skarn into play, his Plot deck gives you plenty of ways to gather additional threat. If you have Possessive Nature  when Skarn enters play, you may use Possessive Nature to gain threat tokens equal to the number of relics in play. The Unknown Origin Plot card gives you another way to seize threat; by using Unknown Origin, you force each hero to test his Knowledge when you summon Skarn. For each hero that fails, you receive a threat token. Even Skarn’s defeat can bring you more threat tokens. By exhausting the Faithful Guardian card when Skarn is defeated, you immediately gain three threat tokens, giving you enough threat to repurchase the Summon Skarn Plot card, allowing Skarn to heal himself and regenerate for the next quest.

As Skarn’s threat looms over the lands of Terrinoth, your darkness spreads to consume the realm. Preorder the Skarn Lieutenant Pack at your local retailer today, and gain access to the magical construct’s unparalleled abilities!

Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition is a story-driven board game for 2-5 players that takes a party of adventurers deep into the dungeons of Terrinoth for adventure, treasure, and glory. Players will embark on a campaign of linked quests as they develop characters based on four fantasy archetypes.

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