Not long ago, the wickedness of the Forgotten moved across the civilized world. Sweeping up the broken, the poor, and the outcast, the influence of the Forgotten spread like infection through flesh. Although the movement was rooted out, hints of its corruption have returned to Terrinoth. A few heroes must eliminate the threat before it regrows, lest the whole realm fall beneath the Crusade of the Forgotten.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Crusade of the Forgotten , a new Hero and Monster Collection for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition . Following in the footsteps of other Hero and Monster Collections , this expansion collects four heroes and three monster groups from the first edition of Descent for a total of thirteen plastic figures. These heroes and monsters feature reworked artwork and models, bringing them in line with the aesthetic of the second edition.

As the cult of the Forgotten once more threatens Terrinoth, four eager adventurers pledge to exterminate its threat: the vigilante warrior Tahlia, the deadly assassin Tetherys, the brilliant mage Astarra, and the supernaturally gifted Andira Runehand.

Their task will not be easy, however. The Forgotten have reappeared stronger than ever, guided by the devious overlord. In this expansion, the Forgotten are led by four sorcerers, who receive additional aid from three hideous medusae and two monstrous golems.

The heroes test their might against the monsters of the Forgotten in two brand new quests. In the Crusade of the Forgotten quest, your heroes must rescue hapless apostates from the clutches of the Forgotten. Then, in Shadowside Watch , you must find a way to break the seemingly limitless power of the cult’s master sorcerer.

The Blade of the Assassin

Each of the heroes in Crusade of the Forgotten offer unique talents to resist the Forgotten, and they also come with unique motivations. As an example, the lethal assassin Tetherys seeks to finish a job she began years ago.

When the cult was first born, nine of Terrinoth’s most talented and experienced assassins were given the task of infiltrating the cult of the Forgotten and slaying its leader. Within a month, all but Tetherys had been rooted out and killed. For thirteen years, she devoted herself to the cult and its practices, working her way higher in the ranks. Few believed it was truly her when she reemerged, but the cult splintered and died within days. After, Tetherys wandered the world, but the cult’s resurrection gives her the challenge of ending its threat forever.

As an adept Scout and a member of your hero party, Tetherys has a great deal to offer, including her skills as an assassin. For an assassin, planning a strike is nearly as important as the actual strike, and Tetherys’s hero ability allows you to roll attack dice before you declare a target whenever you attack. This ability works excellently with Ranged weapons, since you can see what range is rolled before declaring a target within that range, but it can also help you target a monster that can be killed by your roll.

Tetherys’s heroic feat makes her even more dangerous to the overlord’s monsters. By using this feat after rolling attack dice, you may choose two additional valid targets for Tetherys’s attack. Since Tetherys’s hero ability allows you to see what you roll on your attack dice before declaring targets, you’ll be able to ensure that a high-damage attack gets spread across three monsters, potentially devastating the overlord’s forces. This feat may prove invaluable against the Forgotten, especially when the heroes must face foes as powerful as sorcerers.

The Darkness Within

Every practitioner of the dark arts knows that there is a pit from which they cannot return, a threshold across which they cannot retreat. A sorcerer has embraced this fate, surrendering his humanity in exchange for ever-greater power and knowledge. No longer bound by the laws of man, a sorcerer can tap into magics far beyond the grasp of mere mortals.

Dark magic grants sorcerers powerful attacks that can strike heroes at range, and their attacks are further enhanced by the Sorcery X ability. Sorcery X allows a monster to convert X range into damage or vice versa. With that kind of flexibility, your sorcerers stand a much better chance of striking heroes and dealing increased damage.

Any sorcerer can also benefit from the Summon ability. As an action, one of your sorcerers may call upon a nearby minion monster, placing it adjacent to the summoning sorcerer. Whether you use summoning to pull monsters out of danger or quickly move a punishing monster to cut off the heroes’ escape, the heroes will soon learn to fear an accomplished cadre of sorcerers.

The master sorcerer possesses an ability that makes him even harder to defeat. The Death Wish ability may be used when the master sorcerer would be defeated. Instead, the overlord defeats a minion sorcerer, and the master sorcerer recovers all damage. Since master sorcerers are significantly hardier and more powerful than the minions, you can use this ability to cheat death and keep your master sorcerer alive longer than ever.

A Rising Cult

With the rise of its sorcerers, the threat of the Forgotten is once more resurgent in the realm of Terrinoth. Only Tetherys and a few other brave heroes stand in the path of its corruption and dark magic. Face the darkness of the cult and look for the Crusade of the Forgotten Hero and Monster Collection in the third quarter of 2014!

Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition is a story-driven board game for 2-5 players that takes a party of adventurers deep into the dungeons of Terrinoth for adventure, treasure, and glory. Players will embark on a campaign of linked quests as they develop characters based on four fantasy archetypes.

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