“Shadows keep me. Shadows protect me. There is nothing to fear in the shadows… except me.”
– Tinashi the Wanderer

Shadow of Nerekhall , an upcoming expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Editio n , draws you out of the wilds of Terrinoth to investigate within the walls of the city of Nerekhall. Unusual events occur in Nerekhall almost daily, and as a hero of Terrinoth, you must uncover the truth. Is Nerekhall under attack by some outside evil, or is the city itself rotten to the core?

The cities of Terrinoth are full of strange beings and interesting characters, and Nerekhall is no exception. New heroes with unknown talents offer their aid as you venture into the Shadow of Nerekhall. In today’s preview, we’ll take a closer look at two new heroes and hero classes that you’ll find in Shadow of Nerekhall .

Tinashi the Wanderer

Every seven years, for seven days, the hidden monastery of the Serpent’s Shadow appears atop a remote mountain in Terrinoth. During that time, the monks take new students and dispatch their disciples to attend to business in the realm. Years ago, at dawn on the eighth day, Tinashi returned late to find the monastery vanished. Trapped with no place to call home, Tinashi now wanders throughout Terrinoth, using her skills as a Scout for the greater good.

Out of Sight

Tinashi learned many skills from studying with the monks, but two skills she learned well are the importance of readiness and how to move quickly and silently. Tinashi’s hero ability allows her to recover a fatigue whenever she defeats a monster, keeping her ready to move and trigger vital abilities.

As she slays monsters and recovers fatigue, Tinashi’s heroic feat might help her bypass obstacles and stay out of the clutches of other monsters. At any time during her turn, you can use Tinashi’s heroic feat to remove her figure from the board and replace it three spaces from her original location. Whether you just need a few extra spaces to get to your objective, or you need to cross deadly terrain without injury, Tinashi’s heroic feat can bring you that much closer to your goal.

Walk in Shadow

Shadow of Nerekhall ’s new Scout class – Shadow Walker – offers fascinating options to both new and existing Scouts. Any Scout that elects to use the Shadow Walker class will find a Feathered Hatchet and a Tribal Cloak as his starting equipment. The Feathered Hatchet can be thrown, but with a blue attack die and a red power die, it’s more effective at close range. The Tribal Cloak, on the other hand, temporarily increases your defense after you perform a rest action.

A Shadow Walker’s most distinguishing ability, however, is a new familiar: the Shadow Soul ! This familiar can only move one space per turn, but it cannot be damaged, and whenever a monster adjacent to the Shadow Soul suffers damage during an attack, the monster suffers an additional damage. A Shadow Walker can use Soul Bound to summon the Shadow Soul after a successful attack, causing another damage from the familiar’s ability, but an adept Shadow Walker can do far more than cause extra damage to a monster.

With Dark Servant , you can use an action to search a search token near a Shadow Soul, while Through the Veil adds an additional green power die when you attack a monster adjacent to your Shadow Soul. Dark Shift raises your Stamina, and grants an extra movement point to any hero who moves through the Shadow Soul. Finally, Shadow Puppet invites you to choose a monster within three spaces of your Shadow Soul. You can then perform an attack with the Shadow Soul, using the attack dice and abilities of the chosen monster!

Ravaella Lightfoot

To the big folk, gnomes are hardly worthy of notice, never to be respected and certainly never trusted. Ravaella Lightfoot saw no reason to be stopped by this, managing to gain access to the University. Despite the efforts of the faculty and staff, she acquired many skills in the mystic arts. Now, she plies her trade to prove that gnomes can do anything the other races can, and do it better!

Magic Shields

At first glance, Ravaella may appear fragile. Her minute frame, however, masks powerful defenses. Ravaella rolls a black defense die when defending, potentially blocking up to four damage with every roll. Even if you roll a blank while rolling defense dice, Ravaella’s hero ability adds one shield to your results, meaning you’re never completely defenseless.

Ravaella’s heroic feat makes hitting her even more difficult. When you are attacked, you can trigger Ravaella’s heroic feat after rolling your defense dice if you’re not satisfied with the results. After triggering Ravaella’s heroic feat, you must test her Knowledge and Awareness – her two strongest attributes. For each test you pass, you add three shields to your defense results. Between Ravaella’s strong initial defense, hero ability, and heroic feat, even the mightiest monsters would have trouble defeating this diminutive Mage.

The Power of a Conjurer

Mages across Terrinoth gain a powerful new class in Shadow of Nerekhall : the Conjurer. Conjurers begin with a Prismatic Staff , a ranged weapon with the potential to Stun an adversary. The true power of a Conjurer, however, does not lie in his staff, but in the images he creates to bewilder his enemies.

All Conjurers begin with the Mirror Image Class card, allowing you to place an image token within two spaces of your figure. All image tokens are treated as hero figures that roll a grey defense die. If the image takes any amount of damage or fatigue, it is discarded, and you will suffer one damage and one fatigue. Conjurers also begin with the Channeling card, allowing you to both move your images and perform attacks with Magic weapons, measuring range and line of sight from the image token!

A Conjurer’s uncanny power only grows stronger as he learns more of his craft. Illusory Path confuses monsters, forcing them to spend extra movement points to enter a space adjacent to an image token, while simultaneously giving you more freedom to move your image tokens. If monsters begin to treat your image tokens with impunity, you can cast Sleight of Mind , allowing you to move your figure to a nearby image token and Stun every adjacent monster. With Vortex , you can spend an action to move monsters near an image token up to two spaces and force them to take damage. Finally, you might resort to the ultimate expression of a Conjurer’s power. Prismatic Assault allows you to either move each image token up to your speed or perform an attack with a Magic weapon for each image token on the map, measuring range and line of sight from the image token!

The Shadow Falls

Whether you follow the path of the Shadow Walker or the Conjurer, your powerful abilities are certain to strike fear into the heart of any monster. In our next preview, we’ll look at two more heroes and the associated hero classes. Shadow of Nerekhall is now available for pre-order! Pre-order your copy at your local retailer today.

Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition is a story-driven board game for 2-5 players that takes a party of adventurers deep into the dungeons of Terrinoth for adventure, treasure, and glory. Players will embark on a campaign of linked quests as they develop characters based on four fantasy archetypes.

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