To even the most educated minds, the dangers in the practice of forbidden magic have not always outweighed the allure. Certain sources are all-too eager to mention that the body of Gargan Mirklace was never recovered after the demonic uprising he unleashed. Though this may be true, the implication that Mirklace could have survived the brutality of that battle – in addition to besting old age for the better part of a century – is nothing short of absurd.
-Autorius of Greyhaven, Revised Chronicles, Vol. 4

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of four new Descent Lieutenant Packs   for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition , introducing the lieutenants from the Shadow of Nerekhall expansion! As the overlord, you can bring your schemes to fruition and explore forbidden power with the help of these new lieutenants.

Like other Lieutenant Packs , these expansions replace your Shadow of Nerekhall lieutenant tokens with detailed plastic figures. Each Lieutenant Pack also offers a ten-card Plot deck, opening new strategic options for the overlord to expand his power over the length of a campaign. The overlord can now use these lieutenant figures to replace the lieutenant tokens throughout the Shadow of Nerekhall campaign, or the overlord may choose summon a lieutenant into any quest outside the Shadow of Nerekhall expansion as an agent. (For the full rules on Descent Lieutenant Packs , visit the support page .)

Nerekhall is no longer enough for such deadly lieutenants. Rylan Olliven is eager to expand his political power, and his magical prowess will help you dispose of your own unfortunate enemies. Tristayne Olliven, Rylan’s brother, offers his particular breed of magic to the overlord. The study of necromancy may be unpredictable, but the results of Tristayne’s spell-casting can be fearsome. Beneath Nerekhall, Verminous, the Rat-Thing King, uses his own formidable skills in the overlord’s service. Verminous emerges from Nerekhall’s sewers, and with his swarms of minions, he is more than capable of overwhelming the heroes. Finally, Gargan Mirklace returns from Nerekhall’s past, transformed into a demonic form and prepared to make the heroes suffer with his ballistic magical skills.

Rylan Olliven

Not all enemies are blatantly antagonistic. Some prefer to win your trust before a quick and deadly betrayal. The eldest son of Count Galayne Olliven, Rylan is an important figure in Nerekhall. As a gifted mage and scholar, he returned from his study at the University in Greyhaven and devoted himself to the magical defenses of the city, holding the post of Chief Artificer and serving as one of Nerekhall’s magistrates. Despite his many good deeds, Rylan’s influence is increasing quickly, causing many cities to become wary of his rising power.

With the help of his Inner Corruption Plot deck, the overlord can use Rylan Olliven’s influence with the city to hinder the heroes at every turn. In addition to his power as a master sorcerer, Rylan’s political clout with the guilds may prove problematic for heroes around Terrinoth. Even the heroes can be turned against each other with a Plot card like One of Us , which enables the overlord to turn a weak-willed hero against his friends.

Tristayne Olliven

The second son of Count Galayne Olliven, Tristayne has none of his brother’s reserve, poise, or good reputation. Rejected by the University, dabbling in forbidden magic was the first thing that Tristayne Olliven was ever good at, and he devoted himself completely to the dark arts and secrets of the Black Realm. His illegal practices soon caught up with him, however, and he was hanged until dead – but to a necromancer, death is never the end!

Tristayne Olliven’s necromantic powers and his Unstable Forces Plot deck mean that death need not be the end for your monsters either. Tristayne’s Plot deck introduces a host of tactics to deal damage to the heroes, often at the expense of damaging your own monsters. If you persist in using these techniques, some of your monsters will inevitably succumb to their wounds, but with Mortal Coil , your master monsters can return to life, fully healed and battle-ready once more.


The Rat-Thing King is only a story, they say. The sly and dangerous monster that haunts the sewers and alleys of Nerekhall is a phantasm, a bogeyman invented by mothers to make their children behave. Thieves and rat-catchers sometimes claim they’ve seen the creature, a dark and powerful figure flitting from shadow to shadow. Whatever the truth, Nerekhall’s rats have been behaving oddly of late.

Verminous, the Rat-Thing King, excels at using the small to topple the great with the help of his Unseen Legions Plot deck. This Plot deck possesses a host of tricks aimed at evening the scales between the lowly minions of the overlord and the heroes. With a card like Flee the Light , your weak monsters will become more mobile than ever before. During the round you use this card, each of your monsters with four or less health gains Skittish, enabling them to move a space whenever a nearby hero spends a fatigue to move. Whether you use their ability to chase down the heroes or retreat to your hideout, your monsters’ added mobility will certainly be useful.


Many years ago, a mortal wizard named Gargan Mirklace almost plunged all of Nerekhall into the Black Realm, a portion of the Aenlong bordering the Ynfernael. Adventurers under the aegis of the Citadel vanquished Mirklace and saved the city, but Mirklace did not die. Trapped in the dark realm between the world and the Ynfernael, his body warped and twisted over the decades. More powerful than ever before, he now reaches out, ready to finish the task he began so many years ago.

Mirklace became twisted by the power he sought, but now he offers some of that same power in an attempt to corrupt the heroes. In his Burning Ambition Plot deck, cards like Taste of the Forbidden  force each hero to make a choice. Taste of the Forbidden offers a hero the chance to gain additional damage on an attack, but it does so at the cost of giving the overlord a threat token. Can the heroes resist your temptation, or will they be driven to bargain for power?

Summon Your Agents

Your dread lieutenants from the Shadow of Nerekhall expansion are prepared to do battle with the heroes. With the help of terrible magic, political maneuvering, and deadly cunning, you can bring the heroes to a grisly demise. Whether you control the Rat-Thing King, Mirklace, or one of the Olliven brothers, your evil will soon spread over all Terrinoth! 

Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition is a story-driven board game for 2-5 players that takes a party of adventurers deep into the dungeons of Terrinoth for adventure, treasure, and glory. Players will embark on a campaign of linked quests as they develop characters based on four fantasy archetypes.

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