The treacherous Wyrm Queen Valyndra has awoken from her slumber, unleashing her foul hybrid minions on the countryside to burn and raid as they please. Her lust for gold has lured her from her lair, and now it’s up to a few brave heroes to drive her back into hiding and destroy her cruel servants.

Lair of the Wyrm , an expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition , will be on store shelves next week! Our series of previews has examined the rumor system , the Champion and Geomancer classes, secret rooms , and the overlord’s incoming reinforcements . Today, we invite you to complete your preparations by downloading the rules for Lair of the Wyrm (pdf, 7.3 MB), now available on our support page .

Play Your Way

You’ve seen how Lair of the Wyrm can supplement a larger campaign by providing “side quests,” and you know that its included quests can be enjoyed as standalone experiences. However, you may not know that there’s a third option:

We’ve developed a “Mini Campaign” system that will allow your group to play Lair of the Wyrm as its own storyline! So if your group has finished The Shadow Rune (the campaign from the base game) and is looking for a completely new campaign, download the Mini Campaign Rules (pdf, 885 KB) from our support page .

Dark secrets await within Valyndra’s lair. Can you vanquish the dreaded Wyrm Queen, or will she dine on your charred remains? Visit our Lair of the Wyrm website to learn more details, and look for it on store shelves next week!

Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition is a story-driven board game for 2-5 players that takes a party of adventurers deep into the dungeons of Terrinoth for adventure, treasure, and glory. Players will embark on a campaign of linked quests as they develop characters based on four fantasy archetypes.

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