“General Solo, is your strike team assembled?”
    –General Madine, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Balance of the Force , the second deluxe expansion for Star Wars ™: The Card Game !

It’s time to assemble your strike team. With new rules and 154 new cards, Balance of the Force introduces two new multiplayer formats and powerful new objective sets for each of the game’s six affiliations.

The game’s new two-versus-two format allows you to team up with a friend against a pair of opponents. The challenge deck format allows as many as three players to join forces in order to confront the imminent threat posed by a single, powerful rival. Or you can explore the powerful new units and tactics enabled by the expansion’s six new objective sets. By adding Balance of the Force to your Star Wars : The Card Game collection, you don’t just populate your Star Wars galaxy, you expand it!

For more information about how you and your friends can work together to topple the mighty Galactic Empire, or how you can recruit other forces to help you crush the Rebellion, we turn to expansion designer Nate French.

Nate French on Balance of the Force

Balance of the Force , the multiplayer deluxe expansion for Star Wars : The Card Game was a project that grew in the making. The original vision was to allow two to three light side players to join forces against a single powerful dark side player. It was an exciting vision for the product, but as we started developing it, we began to realize that the game’s multiplayer format also held the potential to bring even more to the game.

“Instead of only allowing the light side to play as a team,” we asked in early development talks, “why not enable team play for both light side and dark side?” Once that question was on the table, everything else fell quickly into place.

Challenge Deck Scenarios

To enable a single player to take on a two or three player team of opponents, Balance of the Force introduces the concept of the challenge deck scenario to the Star Wars : The Card Game experience. A challenge deck scenario is a powerful, self-contained, narrative-based deck that is piloted by one player against two or three challengers. Balance of the Force contains two challenge decks, Jerjerrod’s Task and The Hunt for Skywalker .

Each challenge deck presents a story-based scenario, in which light and dark side players work against each other to accomplish specific goals.

In Jerjerrod’s Task , for instance, the dark side player is attempting to complete the construction of the second Death Star, and the light side players are attempting to disrupt the project.

In The Hunt for Skywalker , the dark side players are attempting to track down Luke Skywalker while the light side player is working to help Luke evade the hunt.

Because the challenge decks are entirely self-contained (so that their cards will never enter the tournament card pool) and designed for play in a “one versus many” format, they feature a number of remarkably powerful and innovative mechanics, all of which focus on telling an engaging tale of adventure and conflict. They feature new victory conditions which fit the narratives they create, and they were extremely fun to design and develop. I’m personally looking forward to see how players rise to the challenge of defeating them.

Two-Versus-Two Team Play

As we developed the challenge decks, we also implemented a number of new rules that enable teammates to work together. We invented a “common reserve” that enables players to pass one card to a teammate each round, and we introduced support attack and support defense mechanics that enable a player to assist his teammates in combat, as well as a number of other innovations to promote teamwork and camaraderie.

Working together with other players and trying to figure out the best common strategy for the team proved to be quite engaging, and we really wanted to capture this experience for the broader card pool. The result was the new two-versus-two format. Balance of the Force introduces a new rules set for both playing and deck-building in this format. Playing two-versus-two is an excellent way to rediscover the card pool, as a number of existing cards take on an entirely new meaning in a multiplayer environment.

The Multiplayer Metagame

In addition to the new formats mentioned above, Balance of the Force also contains a new objective set for each of the game’s six affiliations. These sets include cards players will want to consider in head-to-head play, but a number of their effects will truly shine in the multiplayer formats. The new fate card, Supporting Fire ( Balance of the Force , 420), is a good example of such an effect. In head-to-head play, it introduces the intriguing possibility of placing an edge card after the stacks are revealed, and the multiplayer formats add to its utility, enabling your partner to place a card in your edge stack!

Thanks, Nate!

With the upcoming release of Balance of the Force , your Star Wars : The Card Game universe will be larger than ever. You can play head-to-head, two-versus-two, or team up with friends to tackle the threat of one of the expansion’s two challenge decks. No matter how you use the cards from Balance of the Force , your faith in your friends isn’t your weakness…it’s a strength!

Balance of the Force is scheduled to arrive at retailers in the fourth quarter of 2013. You can learn more about this expansion by visiting the Balance of the Force website .

The characters, starships, and situations of the original Star Wars trilogy come to life in Star Wars : The Card Game , a head-to-head Living Card Game ® of tactical combat and strategic planning that allows two players to wage cinematic combats between the light and dark sides of the Force.

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