“Switch to targeting computer.”
–Gold Leader, Star Wars: A New Hope

Luke Skywalker may have turned off his targeting computer before firing the fateful shot that destroyed the first Death Star, but very few pilots in the Star Wars galaxy shared his sensitivity to the Force. Most were grateful for the technological advantages their targeting computers provided. In fact, the Rebellion’s victory in the Battle of Endor owed a great deal to the advanced targeting systems built into their fleet’s new B-wing starfighters. Those upgraded targeting systems all but guaranteed that B-wing pilots would hit their targets and, thus, greatly increased the value of the B-wing’s considerable payload.

In our last preview of the new starships coming to X-Wing , we explored some of the ways that skilled players may be able to take advantage of two support ships, the Lambda -class Shuttle and the HWK-290. Today, we take a closer look at two starships that present players with the option to field some of the most advanced technology in the Star Wars universe.

System Upgrades in X-Wing

The technological advances that helped make the B-wing one of the Rebellion’s most powerful starfighters will soon find their way into the Star Wars : X-Wing Miniatures Game with the new B-Wing and Lambda -class Shuttle Expansion Packs. Both introduce starships that feature the game’s new system upgrade icon ( ).

Between the two Expansion Packs, players will gain access to three system upgrade cards. Though three isn’t exactly a large number, these upgrades may eventually have as big an impact on the galaxy’s greatest battles as did the technological advances that they represent:

Advanced Sensors: Arriving in the Lambda -class Shuttle Expansion Pack, this upgrade guarantees you the ability to take an action, even if your chosen maneuver would cause you to overlap another starship.
Sensor Jammer: Also coming with the Lambda -class Shuttle, the Sensor Jammer guarantees a reduction of your opponent's attack. Not only does it convert a result into a result, it prevents the attacker from rerolling that die.
Fire-Control System: Featured in the B-Wing Expansion Pack, this upgrade guarantees that as long as you’re attacking, you’ll be able to acquire target locks, regardless of stress tokens or maneuvers that cause you to overlap another ship’s base.

As you may have noticed, these system upgrades share one common theme – “guarantees.” In the Star Wars universe, as in our world, advanced technology provides a degree of consistency that even the most skilled individuals can’t match. More than that, these upgrades allow you to do things that pilots can’t normally do:

Advanced Sensors

The ability to take an action before executing your maneuver opens some tactical options that go far beyond simply avoiding losing actions when you run into other ships.

Sensor Jammer

Both of the upcoming starships that feature the system upgrade icon have just one agility, and neither can take the Evade action. Thus, even though both the Lambda -class shuttle and B-wing start with five shields, it’s likely they’ll be targeted by opposing starfighters early and often. After all, since they both wield primary weapons with an attack value of three, they’re both heavy hitters that your opponent is likely to wish to remove from the battlefield as quickly as possible.

While it doesn’t open as many tactical options as the Advanced Sensors, the Sensor Jammer upgrade is a guaranteed point of defense. At a mere four squad points, it’s definitely worth consideration, especially if the starship in question is a Lambda -class shuttle that’s piloted by Captain Kagi and transporting a Rebel Captive .

Fire-Control System

The B-wing can load as many as two torpedoes. It can also carry a cannon upgrade, such as the devastating Heavy Laser Cannon , and the more you invest in its offensive upgrades, the more you’ll want to make certain you can make the best possible use of them each round. You don’t want to spend turns flying away from opposing starships in order to take actions to acquire new target locks or gain a focus; you want to attack, attack, attack!

One way to maintain your B-wing’s focus on attack is to build a squad that can support it. You can keep pressing its attacks by flying your B-wing in formation with wingmen like “Dutch” Vander and Kyle Katarn .

Another way to keep pressing the offensive is to use the Fire-Control System. Once you acquire your first target lock, you can fly into range, take a focus action, and cripple your opponent’s ship with a shot from your B-wing’s Advanced Proton Torpedoes . Then, if you have the Fire-Control System, you immediately acquire a target lock, and you’re all set for your next turn.

While the Fire-Control System isn’t generally as strong an option for the Lambda -class Shuttle, it is worth a close look in any squad that uses Colonel Jendon . He won’t necessarily spend the target locks he acquires, but he will pass them off to his squad mates. Of course, if his shuttle has a Weapons Engineer aboard, he may decide to spend his target locks and share them, too.

Better Systems for Better Battles

No matter which system upgrade you employ, and no matter how you choose to use it, these advanced pieces of technology offer comparatively inexpensive means to change the way you wage your X-Wing battles. In the end, every player strives to get the utmost performance out of his starships and pilots, and while some may choose to rely upon their feelings, like Luke Skywalker, most players who field B-wings or Lambda -class shuttles will likely find some way to incorporate the game’s most advanced technology and the guarantees they offer into their squads.

Will you be among the first to utilize this fantastic new technology? The B-Wing and Lambda -class Shuttle Expansion Packs are bound to reward the players who do.

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