The TIE Interceptor ™ Expansion Pack is coming soon!

Part of the second wave of single-fighter expansions for X-Wing ™, the TIE Interceptor Expansion Pack presents Imperial players a chance to get their hands on one of the galaxy’s finest mass-produced starfighters. It also provides them the opportunity to build their squadrons around some of the Empire’s greatest pilots. The expansion comes with six Ship cards that introduce Soontir Fel and two other unique aces from the renowned Saber Squadron.

Saber Squadron

Led by Baron Soontir Fel, the elite pilots of Saber Squadron are among the Empire’s best. During the Battle of Endor, their 181st Imperial Fighter Group was stationed aboard the second Death Star and assigned to the defense of the Star Destroyer Avenger , a task they carried out successfully, despite the Empire’s loss in the battle.

In X-Wing, the members of the Saber Squadron are every bit as talented and daring as one would expect, able to coax the utmost out of their TIE interceptors. With its boost ( ) action and superior maneuverability, the TIE interceptor excels at dogfighting, and pilots like Soontir Fel and Turr Phennir know how to make the starfighter sing in battle.

Soontir Fel’s unique ability allows him to gain a free focus token anytime he receives a stress token. This drastically mitigates the negative consequences of such daring maneuvers as the Koiogran Turn, which the nimble fighter can make even at speed “5.” It also allows Soontir Fel to make excellent use of the expansion’s upgrade card, Elusiveness . Soontir Fel’s high skill means that he’ll usually fire early in the round, and then when his ship has no stress token, he can make use of his Elusiveness to both force his opponent to reroll an attack die and gain a focus token when he takes the stress token. In this way, he can use one focus on attack and another on defense, or he may be able to gain multiple focus tokens to help him survive a Rebel onslaught.

Meanwhile, Turr Phennir is the first pilot in the game to gain the ability to move after he fires. His game text reads, “After you perform an attack, you may perform a free boost or barrel roll action.” As with Soontir Fel, Turr Phennir’s high skill should allow him to fire early in each round of combat. This means you can theoretically race straight at an opposing fighter to unload an attack at close range, then trigger his unique game effect to roll or dart out of his opponent’s firing arc.

Focus on Firepower

When Seiner Fleet Systems designed the TIE interceptor, they equipped it with four wing-mounted laser cannons that easily allow it to outgun its predecessors. Accordingly, each TIE interceptor moves up from the TIE fighter’s attack of “2” to a deadlier attack value of “3.” The difference can be dramatic, especially when you’re able to concentrate multiple attacks on a starfighter with lower agility, like a Y-wing, and the squad list below emphasizes the concentration of firepower that the skilled pilots of the Saber Squadron can bring to the deadly dogfights of X-Wing .

Soontir Fel (27)
Elusiveness (2)
Stealth Device (3)

Turr Phennir (25)
Swarm Tactics (2)

“Fel’s Wrath” (23)

Alpha Squadron Pilot (18)

Total Squad Points (100)

This list focuses on the concentration of firepower available to a squad built from four TIE Interceptor Expansion Packs, along with an upgrade from the upcoming Slave I ™ Expansion Pack.

With his Elusiveness and Stealth Device, Soontir Fel can dart in and around enemy fighters to fire at close range. Because the TIE interceptor’s dial features a healthy selection of green maneuvers, Soontir Fel can set a course straight at an enemy fighter, use his action to evade, fire, and then take a stress token with Elusiveness to force an enemy to reroll a ( ) or ( ) result. Simultaneously, the use of Elusiveness grants Soontir Fel a focus token, which he can then use to turn his ( ) results into ( ) results. With four agility, a ( ) result in hand, and a focus token each turn, Soontir Fel has the potential to duck through enemy fire unscathed, even as he destroys opposing fighters.

Meanwhile, Turr Phennir is equipped with Swarm Tactics to lead the less skilled Alpha Squadron Pilot – or even “Fel’s Wrath” – to fire earlier each round. Then he should use his ability to take a free boost or barrel roll action in order to slip out of any nearby enemy’s firing arc.

While the TIE interceptor is an agile starfighter and can evade a good deal of incoming fire, this squad is built around aggressive attacks. It wants to rush at enemies and make use of its strong attack values, firing at Range 1 whenever possible in order to gain the extra attack die. Of course, a strategy built around attacking at close range risks the chance that it will be attacked at close range. “Fel’s Wrath” fits into the build for this reason; his game effect allows him to take one last parting shot if ever he would be destroyed before his chance to fire.

Earn Your Stripes

The TIE Interceptor Expansion Pack opens daring, new attack-focused strategies for Imperial players. When it becomes available, will you seize the opportunity to command the elite pilots of the Saber Squadron? Will you field your own TIE interceptor and attempt to earn the coveted red stripes assigned to those pilots with ten confirmed kills?

Keep your eyes open for more information about the TIE Interceptor Expansion Pack and other X-Wing news as we get ready for the second wave of X-Wing expansions to arrive at retailers everywhere.

Coming next? A look at the Rebel’s A-Wing ™ Expansion Pack!

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