The dramatic space battles of Star Wars will soon come to life in X-Wing™ , the new miniatures game of tactical ship-to-ship combat for two players! Daring Rebel pilots perform bold hit-and-run strikes in a desperate bid for freedom from the Empire. As Rebel X-wings collide with Imperial TIE fighters, the outcomes of their fierce confrontations echo through the galaxy.

X-Wing immerses players in heated dogfights between iconic starfighters, and at the center of these furious battles are the game’s stunning plastic miniatures. The Core Set allows players to field three detailed, professionally painted starfighters: one X-wing and two TIE fighters. Given how long fans have flocked to all things Star Wars , you might think it would be a simple matter to produce such renowned starships, but you would be surprised…

Today, Fantasy Flight Games is happy to share some insights and surprises from our X-Wing production notes.

Producing the Galaxy’s Finest

X-Wing has been a labor of love for the design and production teams here at Fantasy Flight Games. The Star Wars universe has been an important part of all our lives, and the opportunity to bring the first dynamic, detailed, and intuitive dogfighting game of its kind to the tabletop was extremely exciting for us all.

Hard at work refining 3D models of the X-wing

The X-Wing development team had a simple but ambitious goal: to produce a compelling miniatures game that faithfully replicated the tense starfighter battles from the Star Wars films. We wanted to give players the opportunity to pilot the iconic ships from the Star Wars universe, including the titular X-wing. We also wanted to ensure that the miniatures representing those beloved ships were as detailed, attractive, and faithful to the source material as possible.

As we set out to design our miniatures and our game system, we needed to choose the scale of the game. Too big, and the gameplay would be unwieldy and take up too much space. Too small, and we’d lose unacceptable amounts of detail, and the models wouldn’t have the physical presence on the tabletop we were seeking. After creating a series of crude rapid prototypes in various sizes, we finally chose 1/270 as our final scale. At this size it was possible to maintain most of each starfighter’s fine details while also making it possible for those players interested in staging larger battles to field a significant number of fighters on the gaming tabletop.

With the scale decided, we now had a sense of how much detail we could achieve with each sculpt. The next step was to get those details right. Accuracy was paramount to us, regarding both the fine details of the miniatures and the spirit of the gameplay. Naturally, we went straight to the source for both. Lucasfilm Ltd. has been extremely generous, allowing us access to behind-the-scenes material and exact dimensional data from the original trilogy, and working tirelessly with us to ensure that our finished product matched the established Star Wars canon.

A group shot of all the crude prototype miniatures showing the various scales FFG considered using for

Based on the assets from the classic films, we created a detailed CAD 3D model for each ship, which is required for precise tooling of the steel molds needed to manufacture the plastic X-Wing ships. Since we had the luxury of building these models from scratch, we were able to accurately control the scales, proportions, and minute details needed to optimize the look of each ship for this style of manufacturing. We hope players will find that the X-Wing miniatures match their silver-screen counterparts in the most accurate, detailed, and faithful way possible.

A Surprising Twist

During the production process, we were surprised to discover that the official dimensions for some of the ships did not match our pre-existing expectations of their relative sizes. Nowhere is our devotion to scale more evident than in our TIE fighter. Through intensive research and close correspondence with Lucasfilm Ltd., we confirmed with no degree of uncertainty the true scales of this iconic Imperial fighter as it appears in the films, even going so far as to study the proportions of the original film models.

A behind-the-scenes photo showing the original models from Episode IV, taken in 1976

Maintaing an accurate, correct scale has been of utmost importance to us, and we hope you’ll agree that X-Wing captures the spirit of the original Star Wars films with its exciting gameplay and highly detailed, painted miniatures. We thank you for joining us and hope you’ll have many hours of fun engaged in thrilling Star Wars space battles on your tabletop.

Rest assured, we’re far from finished. As we expand the X-Wing miniatures game, you can expect to see additional amazing models released in the future.

May the Force be with you™!

–Steve Kimball, X-Wing Producer

Stunning starfighter models from the
X-Wing miniatures game

As the release of this highly anticipated miniatures game approaches, we’ll bring you more previews. We’ll continue to look more closely at all of X-Wing ’s outstanding features (including the miniatures), and we'll examine some of the game's possible strategies. Keep checking back to our website for all the most recent information!

X-Wing is a tactical ship-to-ship combat game in whi ch players take control of powerful rebel X-wings and nimble Imperial TIE Fighters, facing them against each other in fast-paced space combat. Featuring stunningly detailed and painted miniatures, X-Wing recreates Star Wars’ exciting space battles. Select your crew, plan your maneuvers, and complete your mission!

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