Beneath the streets of Cadwallon lurk guilds that run the city’s “industries.” The true heart and soul of the infamous Cadwallon lies underground, but their disputes for power often rise to the top.

Arcana Revised Edition is a card game of intrigue, bribery, and coercion for 2-4 players. The revised edition of the game brings potential leaders two new, exciting guilds to rule and new, unique optional rules that enhance the game’s variety. Arcana Revised Edition will be released in the third quarter of 2011.

In Arcana Revised Edition you lead one of six unique guilds, initiates of an exclusive area of power in Cadwallon, vying for domination of the city’s districts. Send your agents to secure the aid of influential citizens and gain precious relics in your quest for ultimate authority. The guild with the most victory points wins!

Last time we discussed the optional variants of Guild Masters and Random Events . Today we will focus on Tactical Discards, Guild Customization, and Objectives.

Optimize your strategy

Is every Agent that calls your guild home an asset? Will every Stake card strengthen your deck? Arcana Revised Edition ’s optional variants of Tactical Discards and Guild Customization allow the artful player to have more control over what he puts in his deck or pre-strategize how he will win cards before the game begins.

With the Tactical Discards variant, players are given two options when they successfully lay claim to a Stake card, the Personality, Location, and Relic cards players attempt to win from districts that award them with victory points. You can either add the Stake card to your Discard Pile (as usual) to be used later on in your deck, or place the Stake card under your Guild Crest card. Oftentimes a player will win a powerful Personality that is a boon to add his deck, but sometimes adding a Location or weaker Personality might not be as beneficial.

By choosing to place certain Stake cards under their Guild Crest, players can better control which cards they will draw into their hand. However, once the card is placed under the Guild Crest it cannot be added to a deck at a later time. Nevertheless, this card’s victory point value is still totaled at the end of the game. Can you find the balance between card discard and use? While that Location may not win you a Stake card, it could thwart an opponent’s play later on...or is it better left out of hand?

Guild Customization is another optional variant that players can add to their games. When used in conjunction with Tactical Discards, these variants will increase your game’s critical decision-making experience as they task you with making more choices.

Before the game begins, players take all 20 cards that belong to their chosen guild and create a deck from 11 of the cards available. The additional cards include more Locations and Agents for the player to choose from. By customizing their deck in this manner, players can better take advantage of a particular combination of abilities from Location cards, such as looking at an opponent’s hand, or have a chance to concentrate on one specific Arcanum and choosing the Agents strongest in that area.

How will you chose to build a deck that will bring you victory? Whatever deck you choose to build, this variant will provide you with new cards to experiment with, and an experience playing with a self-customized deck.

Fulfilling new ambitions

Arcana Revised Edition ’s optional variants also allow players to add Objective cards to their game; the player that completes his Objective increases his final score. In Arcana Revised Edition an increase in power and prestige is always welcome...especially when it wins you control of the city.

Objective cards task your Agents with further instructions, a unique mission that is carried out within Cadwallon’s districts. At the beginning of the game, each player is dealt four Objective cards facedown, two of which they keep. Every players’ Objectives are secret, including any discarded Objectives. Can you ferret out your opponents’ ambitions and thwart them?

The mission outlined on each Objective card require the guild’s leader to collect a number of Stake cards from a specific fiefdom. These fiefdoms (listed beneath the card’s title) indicate where a Personality, Relic, or Location hails from and can be found in any of Cadwallon’s districts.

At the end of the game players reveal their Objective cards and if they have satisfied the requirements, they can add the Objective cards’ listed victory points to their final score. Should you fail in succeeding in your mission you will not suffer a penalty. With only an additional bonus of victory points at risk, do you concentrate on your own mission or foiling those of your opponents?

Have your Agents watch for more previews of Arcana Revised Edition in the coming weeks, and prepare for intrigue and guile when Arcana Revised Edition is released in the third quarter of 2011!

Set in the vibrant city of Cadwallon, Arcana is a card game of intrigue and power for 2-4 players, pitting powerful guilds against one another in a struggle for supremacy.

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