Last week’s launch of Hey, That’s My Fish! , the fast-paced game of sub-zero strategy for your mobile device, was an amazing success. But today, we’re thrilled to announce that Hey, That’s My Fish! is available for Mac OS X!

This latest version brings the same family-friendly fun of the mobile device app to your home computer.

In Hey, That’s My Fish! , players compete against up to three friends (through pass and play) or computer opponents to collect the most fish on a randomly constructed Antarctic landscape. But this seemingly simple premise masks a deeply strategic game: each time a penguin is moved, his most recent ice floe sinks into the sea. Since the penguins can only move in straight lines across a board made up of hexagonal tiles, devious players will work to grab the most points while blocking the options of their opponents.

The result is a fast-paced battle of wits that’s fun for players of all skill levels. Head to the Mac App Store , iTunes Store , or Android Marketplace and download Hey, That’s My Fish! today!

Hey, That's My Fish! is a lively game of fishing fun for 1-4 players. In this fast-playing strategic game suitable for the whole family, control hungry penguins as they travel across a sinking Antarctic landscape attempting to collect as many fish as possible. It is available as a stunning Universal application for all iOS devices (iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch®) as well as for the Android platform.

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