In the far recesses of the world, where sub-zero temperatures reign, lives a small community of penguins who are working steal their neighbor’s fish.

Hey, That’s My Fish! is a classic, engaging board game of strategic fish hunting, in which 2-4 players control hungry penguins determined to snatch up their next meal on a bustling Antarctic ice floe before their opponents. Get ready for a zealous food fight!

With a modular game board, new artwork renditions, and new sculpted colorful and animated penguin miniatures, this definitive edition of Hey, That’s My Fish! promises an engaging experience for fans of the classic board game and newcomers alike.

Outmaneuver the competition

This quick-playing game is easy-to-learn but challenging to master. When your penguin escapades turn into a chess-like competition, how will you go about amassing the biggest fish stockpile? Whether you’re interested in a serious fish-off or a casual game night, download the rules (pdf, 2.7 MB) from the Hey, That’s My Fish! support page , then pre-order your copy today!

Prepare to go to war for your next meal when Hey, That’s My Fish! is released in the third quarter of 2011!

Hey, That's My Fish! is a board game of strategic fish hunting for 2-4 players. Control determined penguins as they rush across a rapidly shrinking ice floe and seize the most fish. Watch out for your fellow competitors as they attempt to block you off from the tasty food supply.

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